Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dec 29, 2014

well this last week was good to talk to the family and to see them all. 

so anson you just got to send me lots of videos from that go pro of you skiing.

as for the rest of the week we had alot of fun carroling on christmasand sharing el es la dadiva video. 

we had a ward activity this lasr week and it was a short little end of the year happy newyear merry christmas activity.

this week a bunch of pictures. i have taken alot this last week.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 22, 2014

this week was an eventfull week. we started of traveling down to montevideo for interveiws with president. and we got there and he taught us about fasting and the real reason we do it and how to really do it. you shouldnt just fast until the 24 hours is up. you should fast until the spirit gives you you answer for your purpose of the fast. he gave an example of it in his life. he didnt say names but it was for president connors when he  got cancer. as soon as he heard that president got cancer a second time he fasted and his fast was to know how he could comfort his friend. his fast lasted 76 hours and at that moment is when he felt the spirit tell him what he needed to do. and sure enough president conners called him and he was ready to be there and help. as a missionary we are not aloud to fast for more then 24 but he also had an experience on his mission his comp was sick and on the verge of going home to the states. he was going to leave in two days. and president smith called his president and said whatdo i do i gave him a blessing and in it the spirit told me to bless him that he will heal and stay here in the mission. what do ido because he is only getting worse. his president said well then fast. President smiths fast lasted exactly 24 hours and his comp got worse for 23 hours and 30 minutes of it. but at the very end after all that a missionary could do the lord healed his comp.

for me i never understood the true meaning and blessing of a fast. and the fact thatit is all over the scripture. for example alma fasted often and for this cause he was given power to teach with. as well as prayed and scripture study but fasting is the next step for having the spirit.

also in the temple we had spiritual experience of being able to baptize our  comp and then turn around and get baptized just like joseph smith. that was a really fun experience.

as well as hermana smith was able to teach to us in her spanglish. shes coming along with spanish

but a fun thing that i was able to do is see some friends of mine on the mission. one was dan. we were able to see eacher for the two days that we were down there.

we were also able to sing in the living room of presidents house with him and his family and hermana smith being so nice did a few gifts for us and stockings which was really nice. also she ordered some cinnomon rolls and sent me off with powdered sugar to make them. 

when we finally got back at 3 in the morning to rivera we all got home and then had a chior practice and everyone was dead. 

we  had 2 out of 3 nights in a bus traveling.  

on saturday we were at luch and luckly we had a late one that started at 2 and all the suden at 3 a huge storm came rolling in and we get a text from the zone leaders saying. Hoy es el dia para morir (today is the day to die) everyone stay inside and wait this storm out. the storm got really bad. all the power was out. power poles were had fallen down and houses were flooding everywhere. the wind was breaking windows and ripping off the roofs of houses. so then the was sheet metal flying aroud evereywhere(sheet mettel is the roof for almost all the houses)

so that was fun and then there was a break in the storm so we ran to our house and on the way we get a call saying if we can check to see if our church is ok. we live across the sreet from the stake center and sowe ran in real quick and the only problem was there was a little water that got in from under the door. so we mopped it all out and then went home. it was cool to see how the church is a firm foundation adn there was no problems. 

the next day in church we went around talking to everyone asking waht they needed cleaned up or fixed up. so we are going around to a bounch of people fixing up and cleaning as much as we can this week.

also on sunday we sang in church. we sang the first noel. not the first noer( like elder iem)( the koerian elder we had forever ago)

then the chala folganerea. that was really good. it was all about christ and his birth there was a ton of people there and it was a really good spitritual experience.

lastly this morning we were aloud to watch two  movies as a zone for christmas. we watched heaveyweights. and frozen. it was a good time watching those.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

this last week went by really  fast. here in rivera there a lot more less active lessions. they are willing to open up and listen to you. now the goal is to get them to understand. they arent as smart as they are in montevideo but i just have to teach things very simple and slow.
these next two weeks asre pretty full. i leave tonight in the middle of the night to montevideo for interviews with president and temple as well. we are doing the work for one of our ancesstors. which will be awesome. i hope to learn from president alot at this conference. over the last two or so changes i have been able to see what he teaches and not only that but the why he teaches it to us. i always like the why. that way i can aply it. but i have been open to alot more deeper understanding of gosple and life knoledge.

and then thurseday friday and saturday we will have a chior practice and then sunday we have the fireside as well as friday and saturday night we have activities in the ward. so this week will be pretty fast and then next week is christmas.

that is awesome that adam proposed

so this week we had a priesthood activity. and we did a good one we made churipans. it is a sausage on bread. it was fun and a good activity. and they bought enough for each person to have 4 of them. its enogh to fill me up.

continuing on with the week we found this kid named santiago. he is a 20 year old and his friend is going on a misssion and was a refernece. he is super awesome and i am hoping that he will want to continue to progress.

in our ward we have members that are fighing to go out with us. we  have two young women, who are sister. that go out with the sister missionaries and with us at least once a week each. and i set a challege to all the youth in the ward. theres about 4 of them that are solid and go out to work with us. the challege was who ever gets the most hours with me and my comp this change will get 5 cinnomon rolls. i dont know if thats bad to make a challege like that or not. but after they saw the pictures of the cinnomon rolls our week was filled with every hour and they are fighting to get all the spots. but. after a while tohey will relize that the temperal prize is nothing to the spriitual prize of working with us. the 4 of them are awesome. 

as well as we have this guy that is a cheif. and he sells food and its good and cheep. but his and his wife go out with us all the time. they are so awesome and his testimony is super strong. he went from drinking smoking and going out on the weekends and he said after one lession he felt the spirit and stopped all of it just in that moment. he will be sealled this coming month to his wife. 
he is a great testimony of what coach mendehal would always say to us. its a chioce to be the best. its a choice to work the hardest. its a chioce to follow the honnor code. you just have to choose it. and anyone and everyone can choose it. this man daniel has mad this choice and he made it in a day. he choose that he was going to stop and change his life. and he did. but it all starts with us choosing

its something we all need to think about the scriptures are hard to read everyday. going to church is hard. a mission is hard. going to the temple is hard. living the gospel is hard. working with the missionaries is hard. putting down drinking. putting down drugs. linging the law of chasity. tithing is hard. life is hard. well so was sufferering in gethsemany for jesus christ and so was getting whipped and carring his cross. and getting crusififed. it was not easy for him to suffer in his body as well as his spirit. it was not easy for him to fall on his face screaming with pain as he suffered for each one of Gods children. but guess what he choose to do it. it was his choose. yes its hard at times and seems imposible but how imposible was it for christ to do all those things. we too can pull our load. we just have to choose to do it.

and this last week i did 15 pushups after every prayer in the house. this weeks goal is 20 . it ads up at the end of the day up around 200 a day 
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 8, 2014

thsi new ward that i am in is super strong. they even do hometeaching.

we have ripped through the area book and looked for every ex investegater that there is and we are going to visit each one. as well we are going to go to every member in the ward list. right now we have 76 in the church and we are going to try to get it to at least 90 by the end of the change.

the major difference from montedieo and her is that anyone will talk to you and listen to you. so i think this will be good to be able to teach the people here. there are alot of people in my area because of all the shoppings in my area on the brazil uruguay line. we also have alot of hills in the area as well. those are gonna get me in shape. 

the super nice thing about were i live is is is in an apartment right next to the stake center and i am super close to all the meetings we have. as well is it is all carpet and super nice.

we are also doing a fireside her in rivera for the christmas. and we are singing for it, i have got all the christmas songs stuck in my head except in spanish. but it will be a good event this month.

today for pday we all went to a lake and had a huge water fight and played volleyball. we arent aloud to play soccer anymore:( to many people were getting hurt. but now we are going to play volleyball insted.

this last week something that i have been finding it that the love of christ is all over in the book of mormon. if you look for it you can find it. all of the things that he does for us when we do what he says. and all the blessings that we can and do recieve. 
as well as all that he has already done for us 

we are setting up christmas in our house. we have a tree and some lights. here is a picture of it

keep up all the work and getting ready for christmas

Love Elder Pulsipher

this is our christmas tree.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

today we did something really fun as a zone today. we did a colorfest. and we got all colored. it was like what they do in utah

but a better thing that happened is that we had a new investagater. and he was golden. then he moved. then he moved back. we were then out of the blue he called us again. and said i want to have a nother lession with you guys. can we have it in 10 minutes. so we hurried and got ready and left. we had just finnished service we got there and he said last night i prayed and  asked if the things you guys taught me where true. and presto he got a answer. he had been looking for the correct church for the last 5 years.

we taught him about the book of mormon. and after he said something i feel with what you say is peace. its something that i want to follow more.

 him and his girlfriend went to the temple that night to walk the grounds. she has been a member for her whole life but has been inactive.
they sent us a text saying. i have felt so much peace from this and that god wants me to continue on this path and i want to i will do anything to go forward with this as soon as i can.

on sunday he was at church and he loved it. there was a talk for him that was perfect for him and he loved it. he said i really like it alot. we had a quick lesson right after church. he told us that he really wants to continue on this. and last night they had decided to seperate until they could get married.

so he has a date for the 6th of december. he is working hard and eating everything up.
that was a great blessing.

how was the chance to go out and work with the missionaries.

this week we have planned to have a thanksgivig dinner with a family in our ward. that should be fun. we are trying to get a hold of a turkey. but we will see. we got things for pumkin pie already.

we are also plannig on doing the flight to paradise activity with our ward this next week which will be fun as well

this last week our bishops wife was out of town and he was bored so he invited us over to practice a song for church. he plays the violen and my comp the piano. then he started making us food and wanted us to stay really long. it was kinda funny

my comp has wanted to learn how to make the cinnomon rolls he did a kkinda good job. the taste was there. haha. but i have made them alot. and the ward members love them. mom you are winning here as well with them

welli love you all. and hope you have a great thanksgiving.

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

this week we had a fireside with all of the members of presidents family and the 3 zones of montevideo and some less actives and investigaters and converts. It was a really great theme of families are forever. there was someone president baptized 30 or so years ago and she then went inactive he got he last year got her active again. and then got the family all baptized and also to the temple it was a real testiment theat we are her on the mission to bring families together and to make them the happies that they can be. that is only for the blessings of the faily. and the temples. with out the work in the temple for the dead and the attonment means nothing to the people who were not baptized and also for us with out the temple we can only progress so far. i brought a few of the names which i have found in family search. it was cool to thoink that his salvation was held in a little paper that i printed of with his information that i could take to the temple. and that his salvation was trusted with me it can be trusted with all of us as well but it is true that we can do the work for others.

we had a good turn out in the temple we had 24 wich was pretty good for our ward.

a thing i was studing in the book of mormon this week was in 3 nephi 11 and when God is introducing Jesus Christ he saysBehold my Beloved Sonin whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name—hear ye him.

i was thinking what would God say about me if he were to introduce me. what would he say he was well pleased with me. why or why not. it is something we need to all think about in our lives would God be pleased with what we are doing.

we are also planning for a activity in the ward it is a flight to paradice. but the plane crashes and you go through all the different kingdoms and you learn how missrable the first few are. how there is no such thisng as families.

the washer and dryer is so much better then hand washing cloths. clean clothes all the time. no more scrubbing on rocks. haha 

this week we have a mission conference with the other mission and with elder christensen. we also have a stake priesthood meeting with him the night before. so that should be good to get a double dose of him and to beable to learn  alot from him. 

yesterday the two biggest soccer teams in uruguay played. national and peñarol. and when ever someone scored they let of fireworks and i am on the 8th floor and live a apartment complx with a similar layout with heleman halls but a little closer together. and they lit the fireworks in the middles. so the fireworks go off and expload about where i am at. its was fun to watch them.

when these two teams play it is always nuts. 

but othere then that this week was good i learned a lot about what our purpose is and the purpose of the church in the earth. to untite families

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3, 2014

this past week we had two baptims. not in our area but they were people that naea taught and then one that i taught and then other elders baptized them. in total there was 5 people that i saw get baptized this last week. that was a really good experience.

also there was halloween here. its not as big as in the states but it still exists. we had a little fun in the night in the house i will send a picture.

but with the baptisms it is really special to see people make a covenant with God to always remember him. always keep his commandments and to take his name upon them.

i still remember my baptism. i remember who talk and who said the prayers and also what room it was in in the murrieta stake center and then going into the fount. it is something really special to remember and to always think back on. that that was the day that you comitted yourself to always follow God

today we got a washer and dryer so no more hand scrubbing all of my clothes and then hanging them out the window. this will be alot nicer. but it was a pain to get them in the elevater because they are about just as wide as the elevater.

this week we have a fireside with president smith and all of his family. they came to visit and so all of the members of montivedo are having a fireside with him.
and also we are going to a ward temple trip on this saturday. so this should be a fun eventfull week.

something that i was reading in moroni 7 and in the last conference talk i dont know if everyone quite understands this.   Satan is bad. anything bad is from satan. anything good is from God.
very simple 

something that alot of people know but not really understand.

for pictures at night wepainted oursleves blue for halloween. like avitars. but i kinda looked like a Blue Ape

and this was the baptism of luana dopico


Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 26, 2014

because of the elections on suday all the churches where being used as voting poles.
there was one church that stayed open and so everyone in the stake went to this one building. we had 140 people in church. there is normaly about 250 in the stake that go everyweek. 
but it was great because this was only the 140 people that actually understood the gospel and the importance of the sacrament. it was sad that from our ward we only had 3 people. one of which was our ward mission leader. he has a great testimony after he came back to the church last year. he hasnt missed since. 
and the other 2 is brother cappi and his wife. he was a mission pressident. stake president a 70. he is super awesome. and he spoke as well. his talk was a wake up call to the member to not sleep through the restoration. you got to do your part in all things and not just go to church to go but go to have a spiritual experience.

it was awesome to be in this sacrament meeting with the people that truly understand the sacrament and the meening of it.

also this week me and my comp Elder Naea basically ripped through the area book and got out every last person that was in the book that people had visited before and we are going to visit them. my area hasnt had anything in it for a very long time. so i think it is good to have my comp because we both love to work and he just opened an area the change before so he know in what dirrection to go in. my last two comps had one of those two charecteristics. the want to work or the knowelñedge in how to teach. but we got them both now so it should be great.

the family that i tuaght and we sent to the other ward two weeks ago. well the girl is getting baptized this wenseday which is awesome. im glad that that family could keep working hard and doing what they need to do.

as it starts to heat up here that means back to the sweat rag (hankerchief) all the time.

the voting here is obglitorio and that is something different then in the states. i think it is a good thing because in the states it is sad to see that about no one votes. 

we also have a nother fireside coming up and for christmas we are going to sing in tres cruses. it is a huge mall and it is the main buss stop for all of uruguay. so there is a ton of people so it should be fun.

anson i see that you are tearing it up and having a blast. dont knock out to many people. but when you do it you better do it hard that was an awesome hit.

Love you all

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

this week was a good week. we had to take care of a few things concernimg boundaries. we had to cordinate with the missionaries of the other mission. there area touches our area. and since we are not aloud to leave the mission boundaries we had to pass the families we were visiting off with them. so we went with the other missionaries and visited first the family dopico.
they are the first picture.

and when we were visiting them the girl Luana (10 years old) said she wanted to get baptized and she wanted me to do it. (we taught this family since before i got to the area but we didnt find her until i got there). the sad part was that we were having to drop them to the other elders. after the lession we told them that these were there new missionaries. and then they invited them to go to the correct ward. and they excepted because we taught them the doctirne behind it and they understood. the girl was a little sad. 

its all fun and games until a little 10 year old starts to cry saying so you are coming backand we wont she eachoother more. i told her this and i could promise it to her. if she was to follow what the missiononaries said and go to the church every week and choose the right always in your life (i gave her a spanish ctr right a few weeks ago) then yes we will she eachother again. it will be in heaven with God.

later that night the other elders called me and told me that when she gets baptized they want me to do it. 

the next family we wentto the family franco as well said that they would go. they said it will be hard but they will go. 

each one of these families are people that i re activated and hadnt gone to church in forever before i came here. and they havent missed since.

on sunday we called to verify if the families went. and this was amazing the 10 year old girl. bore her testimony in the church. How awesome is that. 

the down side to all of this we followed what president smith told us to do and then infoprmed our ward mission leader what we did. he agreed and said what we did was the right thing.

it was very hard for me because i made them my converts. but it wasnt even a single thought to not do it. i remember when our wards got changed at home. i couldnt even see what the new ward boundaies were when we got changed. all i now is that when it was ours i happily and knew that it was the desire of God for me to be in the new ward. i went and i sustained it right away. 
half of my friends would be in the other ward but it didnt matter. 
something that i love form that special stake fireside we had was that they told us the way the wards were divided. they prayed on it then they sent it to salt lake for the first presidency to pray on it. then sent it back it got changed and then they prayed again. what did i learn 
the ward boundaries are of God. and you have to go to the one you are assigned to becuase that is where God wants you and where you will be blessed the most. if God really wanted you in the other ward your house would be in that ward boundaries.

but that isnt completly understood here. two days after we received a call from a very angry bishop. he said we couldnt do that and that it wasnt our responsibility. and that we wer in the wrong.

that was a great call. we had to tell him the whole story and we fixed the problem and now he has acepted that yes it is betterthat they go to there corect ward. but it is still good that they go to my ward and have callings and havetemple recomends.
but he is making no effortto send the people to there correct wards.

the rest of the help willhave to come from president smith helping the stake president and bishop understand these things as well. 

also this week something funny.
i was on the bus and this kid comes up to me looks at me grabs my placka nd runs then chucks it out the window. luckly we were stopped and we could get off real quick and grab it. then we got back on and sat on the other side of the bus. he sits infront of me and i had to use my paticents not to do anything because he tried agian and all i di was just slap his hand away and then stare at him right in th eyes for a good 2 minutes. it was pretty funny afterwards. because we were on our way to district meeting and we told everyone what happened and they all said that was the first time they heard that happen.

and we helped a member put up dry wall in his house. (its like the only house here with it) andwe put itup on the ceiling and i had to hold it up with my neck. it was a really good neck work out.

and adam i was wearingmy jersey from la U and he said how do you know La U because he lived there for a little in chile. and i told him you went there for your mission.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

i have told you all about nacho before? well he is the son of a investagater. his mom is less active. well this is nacho he is 8 and has down syndron. but he is really great.

also our gas ran out and i was hungry so i used the iron to cook some pancakes.

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

first off conference was great and it is a great opprotunity to listen to profphets of God. 

i really liked how clear each and everyone was and how the promises are so direct and meaningful. 

i cant remeber what the guys name was but he was the one with a whole lot of energy and was young. when he talked about the members and there physical body. it was funny to listen to the missionaries reactions when he told us we had to get in shape. all the missionaries said yepp i got to do more then just the 10 sit ups and call it a day. but luckly i have been in the habit of doing p 90 x lately and i was prepared for that comandment.

also anson and aubrey and all the youth in the ward i have a reinvitation form conference.
Pray to know if the church is true. donmt wait until your testimony is tested do it today. you have to have a testimony strong and true before hand.

and also for all families. i know we didnt do the best job n this but monday night is sacred. it is for the family. it is sacred time and nothing has more priority over it. the truth is that they are called of God they speak with him and they tell you what is the truth. they declared there power and attention and they filled it with promises. they are your leaders and you sustain them by your actions. if you do less or more then what they say. then like in 3 nephi 18 13 the gate of hell will be open ready to recieve you. i would like to use scripture text to tell you what it will be like there. ¨there will be howling and nashing of teeth¨ no but it is true if you do not follow the prophet or do it with out all your heart in it (kicking against the pricks) you will suffer and not be happy. its direct and clear.
but if you do it you will be happy and blessed. 
so be really really good at repenting and do what they say and dont just do it for the next couple weeks after conference do it all ways.

if only the people here would get this picture satin would not have such a strong hold in the country of uruguay. it is sad but in the country. there is desire to get married. most dont beleive in it. drugs are legal. gay marrige do it. it was as if he was speaking about uruguay. it is hard at times here because people have there eyes so shut down and will not change. but that isnt importand the people that actually what salvation will come back to christ. it is just my job to help them and open there eyes.

we have been werking hard with the ward directory and now we are finding that about half of our congragation is out of the ward. i talked with presidnt smith about that in interveiws because we had an old investagater in the other mission. he said that we had to pass the reference and then he will help with the other people that go to the wrong ward. i am glad for the example of my familyin that. when we switched wards it was not a choice for us. we already were willing to do what the lord comanded us to do. an di remember daniel said one time when he was a new bishop he had a problem with it in his ward. but it is true the first presidency prays about all the lines and if God wanted you in the other ward then the line would have your house in that ward

but this last week was good. there was a day that we could go visit all the congress buildings and all the public buildings it was super cool and old fashion. it was similar to alot in the usa. except for one thing. here if there is going to be a statue its gonna be naked and they were everywhere in the buildings. but it was super cool greak style buildings.

the congress 

birthday dinner from the lopez family. it came with a cake too. she is awesome. i didnt say anything about my bday and i dont know who did but she suprised me on suday with a cake and a really good lunch
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30, 2014

this week was a week of work and a week of work in the rain. The saying here os that time it rains your wife gets hotter. well it was pooring this last week and then it started to poor hail that was interesting. 

but this week we had a lot of contacting and it was alot of walking. the area doesnt have many investigators or less actives that want to listen. we are trying to change this. we have gone through all of the area book and cleaned it up and are visiting the all the references. 

also a thing that we are working on is having a good relation with our bishop. in the mission he is known for not being friendly with the missionaries and we are trying to change that. he is very strict and its his way or the highway. My comp is ex miltary and i am ex slave (just kidding with that) but i was raise will rules and doing it the right way. so we are working hard to work well with our bishop.

yesterday we had interveiws with president smith. he had to teach him the doctirne of christ. when i entered he said that you dont need to teach it to me you already did it at zone conference in front of everyone and you killed it. so instead he asked what more i wanted to know about it. i talked with him about something i have studied. it is in ether. it is in chapters 13 through 15. it is so true what is going on in those chapters. that if only we repeant we will be saved. but if not we will spiritually die and then after we spiritually die we will die physically at the number of 2 million. 

and not only that satin will blind our minds and our eyes (3 ether 15:16ish) and we will be in the temptation and the mist of darkness. and not only that but we will not have the power and the strength to cary on and work and be happy. 

it is so true all of this all you have to do is open your eyes and repent. and God will help you but if you dont. satin will be total poderoso ove you and you will die first spiritually and second phyisically. i love that story because it is so true and in the end the lords ways are higher then the ways of the world.

also just to let you all know micheal jackson is still alive it was all a hokse. he lives her in montivideo and he is a baptised member know. its a great conversion story. but we went over to his house the other day

this week is conference. i am excited to here and to learn form the profets it should be great

like always make sure to sleep before hand and not during conference

love you all

Elder pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

this week was a good week. we went back through all of the area book and we found all of the old investagaters and we are going to visit them which is good and bad. some are ready to listen and some had problems with past missionaries and we had to be careful in the house.

we had 61 in the church this last week and what is more awesome then that is that we have had now for the last 8 weeks hermana franco and her family in the church i talught the the importance of the sacrament the first day i was here in this area and she has not missed a week yet. how awesome is that

it is true when people understand the emportance of the sacrament they will go to take it every week si o si. (no matter what).

today i also made cinnomon rolls. i dont think that they are as good as moms but still they are really good. but the smell made the whole house smell like christmas in the pulsiphers home. it smelt really good. 

this week we worked alot with the members andhad a nother week of 17 hours which for me is my high for all of my mission. it is super important to have the members help. 

more then just going out to work with the elders it is importand to give them someone to teach with references. in our ward we have the goal to have each member give one refence per month. is that all that hard to do that. one person that you can save there life. all you have to do is tell the elders. you dont have to do anything else more then that. and you are doing a huge part in the work of salvation of men.

our ward mission leader is a beast. he is awesome and he is always helping us out which is great. he is always filling our lunch calender and we havent had a day with out luch which is awesome.

general conference is just areound the corner. that is great that mom and dad you can go to the conference in salt lake. 

and that is aweome that byu is killing it as well as anson is killing it and aubrey as well

thats crazy that aubrey is going to drive here soon.

this week we have had lots of work and we are helping the area come back to life with good people that want to live the gospel and go to church everyweek.

cinomon rolls 

and extra dough so we made pizza.
ps mom sister smith said that she is going to use your cinnomon roll recipe in the missionary cook book so you are going to be famous
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept 15

This week was really good with my new comp. he has a lot of time in the mission and he knows alot and how to teach so it will be great.

we didnt have much in the area so we basically started fresh and started over. we are staring it over and are going to the ward directory and visiting every member on the list and ever investagater in the area book. so i hopr that we can turn this area around. my last comp had a ton of animo. desires but we were both young i felt like i was doing all the brains behind everything but we werent visiting the right people. i hope that this change we can work hard and smart.

this week we have also made a ward mission plan for the ward. that should really help. but the peopblem we have is the same problem that is in grandma zwahlens ward. it is a shrinking ward with not vey many youth. i think in total we have 3 young men young women

but we have been focousing on finding investagaters that will progress. which is part member families and references from members.

this week i have been thinking aton about this week  is what is the real church of God. it isnt just what we have in the present day. with the restoration. it is a little deeper. it is the same church that is in the earth with adam and with moses and noah and all the way to christ. and in the  americas. the same religion. the same plan of salvation the same gospel of christ.
with this it is not a new gospel that we crazy mormons have. it is the bible. it is exactly what christ taught. it is the same that was is and will be taught by him. the ``true church of God`` is a little deeper then just what people see. 

when i started to think of it in that way it brings more of a deeper meaning.

anson that is great that you are killing in in football. and i like the jerseys. and i like how they look exactly like tvhs´s jerseys. dang whoever designed those bad boys was a guienus. haha.

but that is great to hear that everyone is going on missions. three calls this week. that is great that our wrd has so many missionaries. how many do we have now.

General Conference is just around the corner. can you beleive that. it is in 2 weeks. the time has flown. it is always great to go into conderence. with lots of sleep before hand. and not during. and to take notes and go in with a question. because in that way it will be answered. i know sometime we like to just ``rest our eyes for a second`` but we cant learn if we are sleeping now can we.

as for the cinnomon recipie mom i am going to try and do it. but we will see how they come out

this week we had a service of paining a school here is the pictures. 
this is my comp from brazil Elder Lima
this is my creation today, its hot dogs and sause and rice

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

change week and that means that p day is on tuseday, yesterday president smith call all the zone leaders in montevideo and told them that everyone can go to the temple tomorrow. we didnt get the info until 1030 at night. so our plans changed really quickly.

but the temple is such a great place. i am so glad that we can be sealed in the temple. i was thinking today. wow because of this i can be with my family forever. i love this opprotunity.

i remember my last time going to the temple in the states it was with all my family. on new years eve. that was such a great experience.

we are working hard in this area. we are also working in the area of the secrataries. they dont have much time and our bishop told us to work there area a little bit.

they have alot more less actives that are ready to go back to church. they just needa good kick in the butt with the doctirne of christ. expessially in 3rd nephi 18. i am seeing the fruits of it still it is awesome.

tomorrow i get my new comp he is from brazil. his name is elder lima. he is a little bit taller then elder sipan. i heard he is like 6 2.

 this week we tried to give fecha again to adrian but he didnt go to church again because his wife didnt want to go 

but we are working with him to go on his own. for his own salvation.

that is great that byu is killing it and that anson is working really hard.

how is yale doing austin 

today we went to the temple with a member in his sweet ride

the temple really is a special place. i love it.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

this week was a good week. we are continuing to have a lot of hours with members and it is helping out.

i went on divisions this week  and we went to a less active that is smoking again. and he said that he tries to drop it but cant. he says he physically cant and thinks that for the rest of his life he wont be able to. it made me think you can do what ever you want to do. if you really want to follow the Lords commandments you can. he will help you. you just have to excersice you faith and do it. and some times you have to go in blind and not know what will happen, just know that it is the lords commandment that you are doing. i love the storie of nephi. but i love it the way that Coach Anea taught us before practice one day.
 `` SOFT SOFT you think Nephi was soft. you think the spirit is soft. yeah thats how it was written but what actually happened. he went once and laban was going to kill him. they went again and with all there money do you think thats soft and then after thant he got beat by his brothers. do you think it would be soft to get beat by a stick and then go again and listen to  the spirit and chop labans head off. The scriptures arent soft.`` 
but its true if you dig deaper into the scriptures and actually see what is happening. he is living his life whith actual things happening and some times what you have to do isnt easy or soft. some time to follow the lords commandments you have to suffer a little and it will be hard but in the end it is worth it.
this week we shared the restoration video but didnt have a remote to change the launguage so i got the go to translater in that one. it was good to do because it helped me understang the story that much more when i had to translate it all. i have also been reading joseph smith history once a week for the last cople months it is good to always read it and learn from it.

this week in the church we helped the bishop with a lady that didnt have food and we had to go get some for her. i felt like you mom when you would always do that when you where the releif socciety president.

i taught 2 families the first day that i got here the doctirine of christ. focusing on going to the church to take the sacrament. always. for the rest of your life. and they have not missed a week yet. they havent gone for a very long time. but it is true that if you understand the doctirne of it you will always go to church.

we live with the secrataries and the benifit of that is yes they have a car and we went in the morning this past week and ran on the beach it was good. and hard at the same time.

i am loving it and i want to sen pictures but the computers usb port isnt working i will try next week

i am trying everyday to become more like christ and it is a good goal. we all should try to be more like him and try to do the things he would do. which one is follow all the comandments all the time no matter what. there is no exceptions.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

this week we had stake conference with elder bednard and with hailstrom. it was a transmission. it is amzing that the things they talked about are the same things that president smith is teaching us. and it is a testament that they are feeling the sprit and being directed by it.

they talked alot about repentence and what it really means. its not just complying with the law but it is understanding why we are doing it and willingly doing it. also feeling bad that we didnt follow it before. 

this week we also did a open house tour thing. and we put a chalkboard outside saying mini tour. and then we talked to everyone walking by inviting them in. there is a bus stop infornt of our church. those are perfect because they cannot say that they have to go. they have to listen because they have to wait for the bus anyway. so it is super easy to talk to them and get a refence for us to go contact. or for them. 

also we have been working hard to work with members we had 15 hours. the mision goal is 12. the members help alot when they bear there testamonies. it is a great help and you all should try to do it as well

we are teaching a 8 year old that the parents are less active. and it is helping me simplify the message so that she can understand and that i can adapt that and so everyone will and can understand.

i have found me a new toy to do work outs. a box of book of mormons. its pretty heavy and works great for abbs and atomic neck i am planning on getting another one and tying rope on it and having dumbells

this week i was thinking on two thoughts one was how the spirit helps us. and how not having it hurts us in  helaman 4 24 it says 
24 And they saw that they had become weaklike unto theirbrethren, the Lamanites, and that the Spirit of the Lord did nomore preserve them; yea, it had withdrawn from them becausethe Spirit of the Lord doth not dwell in unholy temples
but they are weak becuase they dont have the spirit. it is true when we have the spirit we are so much stronger because the lord blesses us with strength and when we dont we are cursed with weakness.

my other thought was with miricles of christ and of angels. i was reading in ether and it says that the brother of jared saw christ for his faith. there are miricles happening all aroun the world everyday. we can see them. but everyone that saw angels and christ in the scriptures saw it for there faith and there worthyness. that is true. faith can break the veil.

we had a problem with adrian this last week. he was our investigater. with a bauptismal date for saturday. but he got in a fight with his wife and they seperated. and he left. so we lost him. but we are working hard with bruno to get him ready to be baptized.

yesterday was the independence day of uruguay. and it is funny a socer game is more importand and the people have for national pride. Socer Is King here.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, August 18, 2014

August 17, 2014

well this week was a little bit different we had an emergency run to the hospitle. all weekend my comp was a little bit sick with a cold. and then on wenseday morning he didnt get out of bed. and was super cold. and shivering. we called hermana smith to see what to do. we did the things she did but he didnt get better.  i gave him a blessing then i  wrapped him in blackets and hoped that would work. nothing. then finally at 10 the secrateries had to come home. (im living with them and they have a car) and we decided to run him to the hospitle because he was getting worse and worse. on our way we were flying down the streets of montivedeo. he was getting worse and worse his hands cramped up and went numb then his legs and his arms so he didnt have any movement in them at all. and his breathing was getting supper heavy. we finally got there and got out of the car and we had to then walk in the hospitle for about 150 yards the the E.R. and so i picked him up and carried in my arms all the way in. he is short but he is stocky. but we got him in the room. and they gave him an iv and some drugs to counter everything. his temp was up at 39.8 which is 103.7 it rose a ton in the car on our way. but after 3 hours he was back to normal minus stiill sick and super tired. so for the next two days we were stuck in the house. i tried to get people to go out and work but i couldnt get 2 members to do it at the same time. so what i did was i read. i started the book of mormon and read a chapter then did 10 reps of exercice. and then read a nother and then ten more. i did that for 3 days straight all day 9 until 9. i was super dead at the end of the day. but last week with extra reading at night and through lunch on friday and saturday i finish the book of mormon all the way through. there is some good stuff in there. and it is so frustrating in alma and in helaman and the beginig of 3rd nephi. why cant they both just be rightous at the same time. its either one or the other. and they are so zuick to forget.

but on friday i was able to get a corto plaso.(mini missionary) and we went out to work as my comp went with the secrataries because it was to cold for him to be out working. but we went worked all day. having only 5 days of work in my area it was a little confusing where everything was but i think i got it now. but i have come to love teaching the doctirine of christ. there is so much with it and is relatable to everyhitng. i gave a talk in it focusing in the sacrament and i had the stake president come up to me and said that was a really well given talk and i liked it alot. as well as less actives saying that they really needed to hear it. i have a challenge and a beleif for you all. it you really understand the doctine of christ you will never stop going to church for the rest of your life. you will never miss a week either.

this week we didnt work much but it was a good week. our investagater with a date for baptism didnt go to church because he had work. but he will continue to progress for the 30th we are praying that he will work for this date. and work to truely become converted.

we are still working hard to find. it is a never ending battle. we are also white washing the ward list. there are alot of people that moved and they moved about 10 years ago.

we are working hard  and the city is growing on me the busses are still nuts cause i cant see out the window because i am to tall so i dont know when to get off

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher