Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

today we did something really fun as a zone today. we did a colorfest. and we got all colored. it was like what they do in utah

but a better thing that happened is that we had a new investagater. and he was golden. then he moved. then he moved back. we were then out of the blue he called us again. and said i want to have a nother lession with you guys. can we have it in 10 minutes. so we hurried and got ready and left. we had just finnished service we got there and he said last night i prayed and  asked if the things you guys taught me where true. and presto he got a answer. he had been looking for the correct church for the last 5 years.

we taught him about the book of mormon. and after he said something i feel with what you say is peace. its something that i want to follow more.

 him and his girlfriend went to the temple that night to walk the grounds. she has been a member for her whole life but has been inactive.
they sent us a text saying. i have felt so much peace from this and that god wants me to continue on this path and i want to i will do anything to go forward with this as soon as i can.

on sunday he was at church and he loved it. there was a talk for him that was perfect for him and he loved it. he said i really like it alot. we had a quick lesson right after church. he told us that he really wants to continue on this. and last night they had decided to seperate until they could get married.

so he has a date for the 6th of december. he is working hard and eating everything up.
that was a great blessing.

how was the chance to go out and work with the missionaries.

this week we have planned to have a thanksgivig dinner with a family in our ward. that should be fun. we are trying to get a hold of a turkey. but we will see. we got things for pumkin pie already.

we are also plannig on doing the flight to paradise activity with our ward this next week which will be fun as well

this last week our bishops wife was out of town and he was bored so he invited us over to practice a song for church. he plays the violen and my comp the piano. then he started making us food and wanted us to stay really long. it was kinda funny

my comp has wanted to learn how to make the cinnomon rolls he did a kkinda good job. the taste was there. haha. but i have made them alot. and the ward members love them. mom you are winning here as well with them

welli love you all. and hope you have a great thanksgiving.

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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