Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30, 2014

this week was a week of work and a week of work in the rain. The saying here os that time it rains your wife gets hotter. well it was pooring this last week and then it started to poor hail that was interesting. 

but this week we had a lot of contacting and it was alot of walking. the area doesnt have many investigators or less actives that want to listen. we are trying to change this. we have gone through all of the area book and cleaned it up and are visiting the all the references. 

also a thing that we are working on is having a good relation with our bishop. in the mission he is known for not being friendly with the missionaries and we are trying to change that. he is very strict and its his way or the highway. My comp is ex miltary and i am ex slave (just kidding with that) but i was raise will rules and doing it the right way. so we are working hard to work well with our bishop.

yesterday we had interveiws with president smith. he had to teach him the doctirne of christ. when i entered he said that you dont need to teach it to me you already did it at zone conference in front of everyone and you killed it. so instead he asked what more i wanted to know about it. i talked with him about something i have studied. it is in ether. it is in chapters 13 through 15. it is so true what is going on in those chapters. that if only we repeant we will be saved. but if not we will spiritually die and then after we spiritually die we will die physically at the number of 2 million. 

and not only that satin will blind our minds and our eyes (3 ether 15:16ish) and we will be in the temptation and the mist of darkness. and not only that but we will not have the power and the strength to cary on and work and be happy. 

it is so true all of this all you have to do is open your eyes and repent. and God will help you but if you dont. satin will be total poderoso ove you and you will die first spiritually and second phyisically. i love that story because it is so true and in the end the lords ways are higher then the ways of the world.

also just to let you all know micheal jackson is still alive it was all a hokse. he lives her in montivideo and he is a baptised member know. its a great conversion story. but we went over to his house the other day

this week is conference. i am excited to here and to learn form the profets it should be great

like always make sure to sleep before hand and not during conference

love you all

Elder pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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