Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb 24, 2015

this last week we had an awesome week we kept growing with out assistence in chuch we are now at 114 which is awesome we had 65 about 3 months ago. we also were able to work with members for 31 hours this last week. those two numbers were the most i have ever had in my whole time in the mission. we are able to continue to work had and have success.

we also had a conference with 5 other zones with elder viñez.he is a awesome teacher. he teaches very humble and very direct. he is from the 70. but when he was teaching i didnt feel like his was saying things to prove his status or anything. he was teaching to help us and to help us help others.

and then on the same day there was a training for the ward council and he we were able to go to that as well. and he spoke at it. it was in buanas aries. and we watched the brodcast.  he spoke and elder celballos and elder gonzalves spoke it was a great day of learning and it helped me understand how to teach less actives. you have to bring the spirit to thing. and bring it with the light of christ. Alma 5 7-13

something i have been studying alot is the gathering of isreal. the first question i had was what is it. and then the next is how do we do it.
something i came across was in d and c 110:11 the keys of the gathering of isreal are restored. and then a few minutes later the keys to do the work in the temple are restore...... so is there also a gathering of isreal in the spirit world..... ok what is it and how do we do it. Family history work and going to the temple. its something so simple but can help so many people make convenants with God and in turn enter into the house of isreal and inturn be able to help more join the house. are we not stronger then satin with more people in the house of isreal in this world and more angels around us to protect us.

somthing else that i have liked alot is that we have such a great importance of this as members. it is our responsibility to keep growing and helping others grow

this week i had an experience with a less active. they are coming back to the church but they dont want any visits from the missiononaries at all. but they only go once a month. it made me think. hmmmm if i was not baptized. and 2 missiononaries walked up to me and started talking would i listen. would i keep there comittments. would i grow or would i shrug them off and not listen. 

now think of the same thing. are we not still all investigating the church. are we not all still looking for the truth. is the prophot not still looking to find the truth. it is something that made me think alittle bit about it. and i like how it has helped me to think what does someone that is starting to talk to the missionaries feel like. what do they need to feel in order to be converted. and why is it that some dont want to listen

well i love you all and hope you all have a great week

ELder Pulsipher

Flight to Paradise Activity

Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16, 2015

this week we were able to work really hard and the work paid off. we had 20 more people in the church with us and we also had 27 hours with members. thats the highest two numbers i have ever had in my mission. and this week we have planned to do alot of divisions and we have 40 hours planned. i have notices the more hours we have the more in the church we get.

also this week we have been planning a ward activity and it is a trip to paradise. but the plan crashes and then we go throught hte kingdoms of gloria. and it focuses in on the families. this will be a very good boost to the wards energy to work and acheive success. 

i have been seeing with my comp the harder we work the harder satin works on him. it is something odd to see. the more obbidient we are he says the more trials he has to go through... just a reminder to everyone that satin hates you and doesnt want you to work hard at all. because when we work hard God wins and he loses. its a battle and we need to fight it with all our strength.

i have been reading alot in mosiah and with king benjamina nd how awesome he was. he was the king and he was out there fighting against the lamenites. and then he can preach to the people with such power because of the trust that they have in him and the love that they have for him. 

when the people trust us they will listen to us and the will much easierly repeant and come unto  christ.

this week we also have a conference with a 70 in tacuadombu. so we will go to that on saturday and then come back for church on sunday. i hope that doesnt mess up with people coming to church because saturday is ¨GAME DAY¨ it is when we go around initing everyone to church. but it will have to be friday now

well i love you all


Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

this week we had an awesome baptism of a kid in our ward. his name is lorenzo. his last name could be one of three. castrol. beis or gonsalves. the tuth they dont even know. its because his dad is brazillian. and they do something weird with the last lçnames. i think the kid takes the moms name. bbut la verdad i have no idea.

but we were asked to teach the lorenzo all the lessons before he got baptized. so we got really close with the family and with him. it was awesome to see him get baptize.

to let you know what kind of family he is from. one grandpa is the patriarck for the stake in brazil right next to ours. and the other is a ex stake president. so lets just say they are two rocken families. at the baptism everyone showed up. we had 105 people at the baptism. and normal church attendence is 75-80. so its alot more. when the church buiding is full like that you feel the spirit so much stronger. i could only imagine how it is in the conference center with 22000 and every seat is full.

but the interesting part was half the talks were in portugues and one prayer in portugues. the cool thing is that i can understand everything that they are saying. speaking. well im still working on that one

but both grandpas spoke and it was awesome. 

other then that we had alot of work with less actives and bringing them back.

this next week my kid will do divisions and stay in the area for the first time. so this will be very interesting how it will go.

also there has been to many missonaries having the vision of lehi in there morning prayers. and they. or they are praying like enos all morning long. so there has been a nother change in our daliy schedual. we now dont just roll out of bed and pray now we dont pray until after we exersice and shower. so this way we can be awake and pray and seek revolation insted of seek to have our dream back. it has helped alot.

anso this ones for you. at prodigy do you remember the C word. (i C**´t) yeah well me and my comp have instituted that rule and it has helped him so much. i do 25 push ups everytime he says it and he does 7. when he first started the change he was unable to do one. saturday well he had alot of repenting to do. he did 140. and that means i did 500. it was kinda funny. he did 5 and then said i beep do more. or i beep lift my arm. and we just kept doing them and doing them. he has changed so much. everything has to do with the mind. he is working hard to have a can do will do attitude. he reminds me alittle but of me before the mission. i wouldnt do things out of my comfort zone. and neither will he., but he wants to and he has asked for help. the mind has so much control over us. as he controls his mind he will becaçome such a more confident person and grow so much

I love you all. keep working hard.

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

well this week we have worked a ton with our ward this week and we were able to bring back 12 less active and that was something really awesome this week. we have been working really hard to get them all in the church. and they came through.

this week as well there was going to be a baptism this sunday for a 8 year old in the ward. but as we went to fill the font up. the water did not work. :( so we called up the bishop and he talked with the family and the baptism will be next week but it is a great family that the parents served missions and both grandparents were stake presidents. they are an awesome family

our ward is really starting to expload. i love this ward that we are in and i am loving  seeing it grow as well as me growing with in.

this i really like jacob 7 of how we should deal with people that are trying to argue with us. if we just trust in the lord give our testimony and love the person and leave they will feal the spirit. but if we bash or try to prove our message then it will not work. we have to rely on the spirit.

as for my kid he is getting better. i am continuing to use alot of craig manning with him and it is working alot. he is out of the woods i feal about going home. now it is just showing him how funt he mission really is.

as well our ward mission learder is hastening our work as well. we have alot of things planned out by him. like when visits and with members we are going lession to lession and getting about 6 a day except for monday and sunday. this ward is really exploading and i am seeing zion with in it.

i love you all

Elder pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher