Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept 15

This week was really good with my new comp. he has a lot of time in the mission and he knows alot and how to teach so it will be great.

we didnt have much in the area so we basically started fresh and started over. we are staring it over and are going to the ward directory and visiting every member on the list and ever investagater in the area book. so i hopr that we can turn this area around. my last comp had a ton of animo. desires but we were both young i felt like i was doing all the brains behind everything but we werent visiting the right people. i hope that this change we can work hard and smart.

this week we have also made a ward mission plan for the ward. that should really help. but the peopblem we have is the same problem that is in grandma zwahlens ward. it is a shrinking ward with not vey many youth. i think in total we have 3 young men young women

but we have been focousing on finding investagaters that will progress. which is part member families and references from members.

this week i have been thinking aton about this week  is what is the real church of God. it isnt just what we have in the present day. with the restoration. it is a little deeper. it is the same church that is in the earth with adam and with moses and noah and all the way to christ. and in the  americas. the same religion. the same plan of salvation the same gospel of christ.
with this it is not a new gospel that we crazy mormons have. it is the bible. it is exactly what christ taught. it is the same that was is and will be taught by him. the ``true church of God`` is a little deeper then just what people see. 

when i started to think of it in that way it brings more of a deeper meaning.

anson that is great that you are killing in in football. and i like the jerseys. and i like how they look exactly like tvhs´s jerseys. dang whoever designed those bad boys was a guienus. haha.

but that is great to hear that everyone is going on missions. three calls this week. that is great that our wrd has so many missionaries. how many do we have now.

General Conference is just around the corner. can you beleive that. it is in 2 weeks. the time has flown. it is always great to go into conderence. with lots of sleep before hand. and not during. and to take notes and go in with a question. because in that way it will be answered. i know sometime we like to just ``rest our eyes for a second`` but we cant learn if we are sleeping now can we.

as for the cinnomon recipie mom i am going to try and do it. but we will see how they come out

this week we had a service of paining a school here is the pictures. 
this is my comp from brazil Elder Lima
this is my creation today, its hot dogs and sause and rice

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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