Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015

today i was able to go to the temple and that was a great experience i was able to think alot on what is the sacrafice and what does that mean to us.

and this week we have chnages and i am going to the department tacuarembó. my ward is called los tores. i am going to be zone leader there with elder Woodcock. we have been together before in the same district. and he has been comps of my comps. so this will be alot of fun and a great learning experience. i was just thinking of who my companions have been and 7 out of the 10 have or are zone leaders. and the 3 that arent have under 8 months. so i was thinking i have been very blessed by the quality of my companions. 

since i am district leader and i had 8 elders in my district i was able to do alot of divisions this last change. in total i did 10 with the zone leaders and with my district. i love them. i get to learn alot and i get to work with others and help them and there area. however it was nice this last week to have a week with out divisions to focus in on my area and helping my comp grow. 

this last week we focused in on cleaning up the ward list. we found and have taken of 25 names. and with that we have found many new people to teach. in our ward there was alot of closing and opening areas about 8 months ago and there was alot of families that had been forgoten about and not been taught. we found one. they were just about to get sealed and then stopped going. they have 2 daughters 1 19 and one is 16. the daughter that is 19 years old is a member and the one that is 16 is not. so this will be a perfect family to work with. a sealing a a baptism. is that not what the lord wants. and the funny thing about this family is we went about 2 months ago with a member. we had taught the gathering of isreal and we gone with them. however they were not there and we failed to follow up. got do do your follow ups.

this ward that i am in was a fun ward to be in. i learned alot about how the church works and the best way of doing things. i learned how to work with different types of leaders and have patcience with those that are a little different.

but i am looking forward to grow and lengthen my stride as a zone leader.

i Love you all and congrats adam and makenzi for getting married.

Elder Pulsipher
P.S. oh i got good news. i am up to 245 already. i have gained 15 pounds since mothers day and i am loosing fat as well. so this is good. i still got alot of way to go.
P.S.S. hey adam i dont apreciate the fowl play from chile


Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

this week we were working with the ward and they are starting to not only get the picture but now do it. they are finally starting to study the gathering of isreal. one that we taught that was super easy and it works is alma 13 22-24 and it talks about how it is our reponsibility as members to find and prepare the hearts of the people. and something i was thinking about as i taught it was. well christ nows his sheep. he knows each and everyone of them.... well are we not the ¨lords¨or servents for our own vinyard of our our street. thats were we live. its where we were sent to work for the lord. we dont just live were we live for a reason. we have been setting up with every member to get to know there vinyard. and not just KNow them but know everything about them. where they work what they do fo fun. how old they are. how many kids they have and there ages. if they have family member serving in the military. if all the basic knowledge is not first obtained, how are you going to be able to receive revelation to help them out. so every member has a map of there street and it has a block for each house and a  spot to fill in all the information. and them as a family are praying upon this list daily. and they will search for ways to help these children of God out. it is something very easy and it is honestly a question of faith. do you have enough faith to work in the lords vineyard. if they do they make the map and we follow up on them and then they pray and start to work and receive miricles. nbut it starts with working.

yesterday was alson my comps birthday. and for his birthday we covered his face with dulce de leche and then flour. its a funny tradition they have here. for the 15th birthday of the girls they through anything and everything at them. you name it. to the poin that they dump paint of them and eggs and corn mill and milk and yogurt and anything and everything. you name it

this week in my district meeting i was teaching a mini lession on tithing, because i learned on divisions that a majority did not understand how to teach it. and i was reading and teaching for 3 nefi 24 7-12 and i read 10 an i could saying anything except for ¨i can not wiat to pay my tithing. i can not wait to go home and get an income and pay my tithing¨ but i really cant. there are so many blessings from it. i was talking to our elders quorme president about that at lunch and he said it is so true there are blessings that missiononarys dont and cant obtain. however they also have different blessing that normal members cant obtain. 

we had a man that moved in our ward. he is already sealled has his family history all done. he is just inactive for his ankle being messed up. his wife has already passed away. and he lives with his daughter. she is a member. however she doesnt want anything at all with the church. to the poin now were we cant even visit him anymore because she wont allow it. however he is best friends with the stake patriarce (who is also a sealler in the temple) so we informed him that he is now in the ward and i feel he is in good hands and that things will be taken care of very quickly.

this is the paiva family. they are from artigas 2. thats were i started. but they moved here to montivedeo 225 years ago.
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

this week we were working with the members but more with the leaders of the ward. we have been teaching them alot concerning the Gathering of isreal. it was a good time to let them understand what we have been learning.

we had interveiws with president this week and they went very well. we started with a capacitation by him. he taught alot about how to teach with memorized scriptures. and he showed us an example. it works very very very well. he taught about the if there is no law there is no happiness and ....... there is no God. is that not the plan of satin. to not have a law. there is no law of chasity.... it was very insitefull. 

after that the 3 district leaders and our comps were able to teach the gathering of isreal. what we did was divide in districts and then we taught it to my district. we taught for 15 minutes. and it felt like i finished in the name of jesus christ amen. ran over to the next room (it had a different district)  and said ok we are going to read in 1 nefi 22. and we did that 3 times. so a total of 45 minutes of go go go go go go go go teach teach teach teach. i learned alot from the experience and it helped me to fix the little things.

but when we went to the room that president was in he was filming it. i want to get a hold of that video. because the lession that i taught was really good. 
after we taught the 3 districts we came back together and we got feedback on what we did good and what we could of done better. and it was interesting to see that what i taught made missionaries think and have desires to invite there friends because they feared for there salvation.

during the interveiw we talked alot about helping others out in the district. then at the end he told me that i love your teaching. i am a real fan of it and the way you manifest the spirit during the lessions is amazing. and i want you to be able to help more and more people with that. so this next change you will be a zone leader.

this week we had lunch with our bishop and afterwards he asked if we could share a scripture. so i taught 3 nephi 10 4-8. afterwards he asked me if i could give a talk in church on what i taught him. (i had been wanting to give a talk my whole time here) and he finally asked. the talk went really well. i went up there and i hadnt thought much of it out. i knew where i wanted to go and i knew what scripture i wanted to start with. and i just relied on what i had studied and where the spirit led me. and the talk went very well and it effected alot of the people that were following along with the talk

i am learning alot of things. alot of life lession things. i am thinking about what mom always says. 3 three levels of hell when you get home from the mission. i hope that that wont pass over me too when i get home. 

adam thats awesome that you are going to get sealled this next week. thats awesome. keep it up-

Elder Pulsipher


Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

this week was a good week of work. i went on divisions 2 different times. one with the zone leaders and one with elder sosa.

this week with the obidience problems we went to check how they were doing. so we woke up at 530 got dressed and headed on over to there house. i was with the zone leaders at the time. and we walked in and 2 out of the 3 that had problems were doing exersices. so they had repeanted and changed. however there was one that was still in bed. and he had his blanket over his head. well you should of seen his face when we knudged him and he saw us. he froze for about 5 seconds and then said his stomache was hurting. we were able to talk with him and get him back on track.

so this week we were working alot with members and it paid out. we had 3 news and then we had people with fecha now. so this was a good week.

we have the wife of hermano da cuña and she is progressing very well.

we have alot of other less actives progressing as well. we were able to sit down with the bishop and the ward mission leader and show them the grapghs of the ward and how everything was going. and we noticed that the attendence was going down but the less active(members progresando) that were at church was going up. so the actives were failing. so we left with that in our minds. and then our bishop went to a stake capacitation were they talked about the doctirne of christ and he got his answer. he had a change of heart. he knew the problem. we knew the answer. but he then got his answer and was converted. he told us that we needed to now go and teach all the members the doctirne.

today we went and visited alot of the old downtown montevideo and it was super nice. it is really really different from the rest of montevideo.

this week we have interveiws with pte. 

i love you all
Elder Pulsipher 

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

this week was a interseting week with my district.

in my district there is 8 people in total. so it is me and my comp and the other 2 in our ward and then we have a nother ward that has 4 elders in it. i went on divisions with elder crocket and he has been strugling with his comp. he has one change more then me. mom you know how you always said there is always 100 percent in a companionship. its either 100 and 0 or 25 and 75 or 550 50. one awesome elder and one dud. so thats the situation and he was assigned to help this elder change. so for the last change and a half  elder crocket hasnt had a awesome day. i went in blind to most of the problems. but we went out and worked in his area and we had 7 lessions and found 3 people and gave 2 people baptism dates. it was a awesome day. and it really animated him. however he told me that the other 2 elders in his house have obidience problems and his comp goes with them.and and disobidient. i did not know how bad it was. and of the things that he told me as well and the things that i saw. i wrote down everthing that i saw wrong. it came out to a list of 20 major things. the first of which was wakeing up on time. i then tlaked with the zone leaders about it and they said that is a huge problem because the elders that were being dissobidient were training. so tjat needs to be changed right now. just by chance we had a zone capacitation the next day. the zone leaders had just gone to the concilio with presiident. and president being super inspired had already talked about many of the problems that we were having. the the zone leaders emfizized those points. and then we were able to talk to them individually afterwards. i have planned to do divisions with these elders this week so i hope i can help them out. because there area is strugling as well.

so other then that we have been woking hard. we have finally gained some trust with the bishopric. he set out a huge task for us. he gave us 15 names that he wanted  us to reactivate and if we could get them back to church as soon as posible so they could have an interveiw with bishop and start progressing. he was expecting maybe 5 there for interveiws. we showed up to church and we had 12 there. and we told him good luck haha. so he had tons of them to do but he finally saw that we are here to work. and now they are more willing to help us with things and work with us.

this week we had to stop miriujm and rosana from fighting. that was interesting. they wer yelling at eachother and rosana was balling and screaming. so we had no idea what to do. so we jut started singing. the song ended and then we started to talk and 2 seconds in then went off again. so we instantly started a different song. and kept going and going and after 7 hymns they had finnly calmed down. and they were in different rooms now. so we could talk individually. with the  mom we asked her five things that her daughter does for her and then we asked the same of the daughter and somehow. i dont know how, but we left and they were really happy and had no intentions of fight. me and my comp left and then in the street we said pound it. we just stopped world war 3.

i have been studing the plan of salvation alot latley. i have not been trying to but everything i read had things about the judgment in it. i guess i needed to learn about that. and then on friday night i was on divisions. i was with someone in his 2nd change and he said he was going to teach a story about the plan of salvation. and so he went and then he asked me to take over. and i was able to teach this family that has been active for the last 9 months preparing for the temple the plan of salvation in a way of how important things we do and how big this plan is and the things that are waiting for us after this life. it was an awesome experience

and then last night we were with our ward mission leader and he had gotten in an argument with a member. and i was able to teach him heleman 3 30 to 35

and the major thing with that is the remady to pride is fasting and pray and it is so truye.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher