Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

first off conference was great and it is a great opprotunity to listen to profphets of God. 

i really liked how clear each and everyone was and how the promises are so direct and meaningful. 

i cant remeber what the guys name was but he was the one with a whole lot of energy and was young. when he talked about the members and there physical body. it was funny to listen to the missionaries reactions when he told us we had to get in shape. all the missionaries said yepp i got to do more then just the 10 sit ups and call it a day. but luckly i have been in the habit of doing p 90 x lately and i was prepared for that comandment.

also anson and aubrey and all the youth in the ward i have a reinvitation form conference.
Pray to know if the church is true. donmt wait until your testimony is tested do it today. you have to have a testimony strong and true before hand.

and also for all families. i know we didnt do the best job n this but monday night is sacred. it is for the family. it is sacred time and nothing has more priority over it. the truth is that they are called of God they speak with him and they tell you what is the truth. they declared there power and attention and they filled it with promises. they are your leaders and you sustain them by your actions. if you do less or more then what they say. then like in 3 nephi 18 13 the gate of hell will be open ready to recieve you. i would like to use scripture text to tell you what it will be like there. ¨there will be howling and nashing of teeth¨ no but it is true if you do not follow the prophet or do it with out all your heart in it (kicking against the pricks) you will suffer and not be happy. its direct and clear.
but if you do it you will be happy and blessed. 
so be really really good at repenting and do what they say and dont just do it for the next couple weeks after conference do it all ways.

if only the people here would get this picture satin would not have such a strong hold in the country of uruguay. it is sad but in the country. there is desire to get married. most dont beleive in it. drugs are legal. gay marrige do it. it was as if he was speaking about uruguay. it is hard at times here because people have there eyes so shut down and will not change. but that isnt importand the people that actually what salvation will come back to christ. it is just my job to help them and open there eyes.

we have been werking hard with the ward directory and now we are finding that about half of our congragation is out of the ward. i talked with presidnt smith about that in interveiws because we had an old investagater in the other mission. he said that we had to pass the reference and then he will help with the other people that go to the wrong ward. i am glad for the example of my familyin that. when we switched wards it was not a choice for us. we already were willing to do what the lord comanded us to do. an di remember daniel said one time when he was a new bishop he had a problem with it in his ward. but it is true the first presidency prays about all the lines and if God wanted you in the other ward then the line would have your house in that ward

but this last week was good. there was a day that we could go visit all the congress buildings and all the public buildings it was super cool and old fashion. it was similar to alot in the usa. except for one thing. here if there is going to be a statue its gonna be naked and they were everywhere in the buildings. but it was super cool greak style buildings.

the congress 

birthday dinner from the lopez family. it came with a cake too. she is awesome. i didnt say anything about my bday and i dont know who did but she suprised me on suday with a cake and a really good lunch
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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