Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

this week we found alot of people that are part member families. they also have desires to return to the church. the only hicup is that in the area that we are in right now, no one gets married. so we are workig super hard for the people to say ok we have to get married. and not us the missionaries demanding that they get married. so we are just guiding them and helping them come to the conclusion that they have to do it in order to progress. 
with 2 of them they have come to that conclusion already. 

one of which is luciana. we have given the comitment to her to pray and fast and get a day for her baptism. they arent married and she said we need to get married first. and we asked her to pray and fast for a date. and if the Lord tells you a date everything will fall in place. because here
it can take a while sometimes to get married. but sometimes it will come within a day or two. so we are helping them look for the will of God. and then they will follow it. and they will strive to acheive there goal that God gave them.

we are trying to help the people receive more of there own revelation and we feel that it is working well to help the people Acheive the salvation. and to also help other people along the way.

we also had stake conference this last sunday. we had a good turn out and it was a video brodcast from salt lake. elder Cook Spoke and elder Hales and sister Marriot and richard g maines all spoke. we also heard from our stake president and also from Elder Gonzalez. the president of south america sur. it is super interesting with technology now. becuase the speakers spoke from 3 different pulpets in three different churches. it is amazing how much the church is growing and progressing with the technology. and the even crazzier thing is that each person talked on the same exact thing. and none of it was planned. our stake president and the area president didnt even know who was going to be speakig.

but everyone spoke on missionary work and also on the sabbith day. they hit that very hard. it was also a spiritual testament to her elder cook talk about what i had studied in 3 nefi 17 he spoke on that chapter. it was a cool experience to know my understanding of it came from above, and the lord wants everyone to understand the things that are found within this chapter

last week pte canceled the interveiws and changed them to the 10th of september. he had to stay in montevideo and couldnt make it out.

1. training table
       me and my comps workout food
2. out of our front pourch
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

concilio was great we dug down and looked at why we werent having success. and the key thing was the following bad belifs that the mission has.
1. we have a key indicator. new investagators with member ( we only count new investagators if members are with us)
                   the bad belief or culture is that we dont find unless we have a member with us. and we dont contact either. 
  it was funny i was sitting and people were skirting that reason. they would give any other reason or excuse. and then after about  5 minutes of them trying to explain why the numbers were so low. i said the beleif the mission has made. and president was kinda releived someone said it. he said thank you and for that we are taking away this key indicator. we will no longer have news with members. he said it was his favorite but it was hurting in final.

and then as it continue. we hit another. and i think i learned this from dad. i am not afraid to touch the topics people dont like to touch. you might as just take the bull by the horns.

next one is that the missionaries are not living there purposes baptizing. they are more focused on less active and not worring about baptism. but what is our purpose as missionaries. D and C 42. to Baptize. and once again. president was thankful some one would say that. we have changed our foucus with all the things we are doing in the mission. we are now focussing on our true responsibility. even i have to change.
the entire mission as a whole. even president fell off track. we were so focused in on the memebers. and yes we helped them alot but i feel that this change will help out uruguay.

somehting i was studying was in 3 nefi 17. it is super interesting. i love it. it is interesting how many times christ says i have to go. but yet he continues to help them. i love this do you have any sick people. bring them i will heal them. and it goes to say those that are already healed and those that got healed rejoiced. and it could be of any afliction. with the aflictions we bring to christ. he will heal. those that we dont. or we dont confess will not be healed. and then he brought the children to him. and it was very powerfull what he did with them and then he said i have to go. and then he continued. and then with the most powerfull thing i feal that he could of ever done. he new they were sinners. he knew they werent perfect so he established a way to  make more coventents with him and to repeant. he established the sacrament. and he gave it to them to learn and to testify to the father. or the judge. that they remember christ. and they are willing to follow him. and he did this all out of compassion. but what does compassion mean. to suffer with someone. to understand some one to have missery for one another. it made me thing. and i want you all to think, do you have compasion. do i have it. even though my time is short. even though i will have to run instead of walk. even though i will miss the first part of my favorite tv show or miss the first part of the football game. am i doing everything i can to be like christ and to do more. am i giving up my personal desires to do those of christ. am i helping those in need. am i holding the door open for others. am i serving those in need. am i sharing t he gospel. 

thats awesome that i am as a missionary. but am i as a member of the church when i get home. am i really following the example of christ. 
home teaching
church meetings.
     how do i serve. do i do as much as i am physically capable.
what do i do if i have free time.
     what would christ do.

i have truely learned what compassion is this week in the scriptures. and i have been able to aply it in my life.

and then in 3 nefi 18 at the end of the chapter it says i have to go. its for your own benifit. and i made me think why. its so they could grow and show faith in what they have learned. i feel like i could give a 5 hour capasitation in just using the 2 chapters. 17 and 18. there is so much in there.

also i am helping my comp with his aplication to byu. he is a convert and lives in arkansas. his parents arent members and hes working on them. and hes asking them if he can go to byu right now. so we will see how this goes

Elder Pulsipher


Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

this week in the new area we went around getting to know everyone. the ward has alot of potential. and we are super happy. they just need a little push. the leaders in the ward want to work. we talked with the stake president because he belongs to that ward and he went there just to be with us. he is an awsome guy. we talked with him and we both came to the conclusion that we are going to start over. we are happy about it though. the area book is basically empty or really old. i think we will just start 100 percent over. we have a ward list and we have been contacting like crazy. we are working really hard. we are teaching everyone here the doctrine of christ. there is a ton of part member families. we were looking and the word is bad but the idea is right. easy pickings., or a better phrase the fruit is ripe. there are alot that are really close to baptism. so i hope with dilligence and obidience we will be able to harvest this area. 

we have concilio tommorrow so that will be interesting on what we will learn and apply for the zone.

and saturday night i got a call from hermana smith at like 1015 she said that she was talking with chelse. they went to the scrimage and said that  pulsipher was all over the place. she said when did elder pulsipher get home. because she came out here for thanksgiving last year and we had a fireside with them. luckly i was in montevideo and was able to go. and she thought i was adam. so she call hermana smith and said that ëlder Pulsipher¨was all tearing it up. she was able to tell her nope thats his brother. Elder Pulsipher Goes home in December. but she called me just to tell me that. and that adam was doing really good at  the scrimage. i completly forgot that fall camp had already started. it was funny though she called and said.¨i just wanted to call you and tell you that, i even got permision from The Preident¨ and then he talked to me about the zone and how everything was going...... Got to love Hermana Smith.

this week for yoga i was doing sitting hamstring stretch and i put 6 Book of mormons on my feet and then rapped my hands around that and was touching fingertip to fingertip. so i am happy about that. and we are on bikes here so my legs are getting bigger. i am going to start focussing in now on power things. 

but this week we had success with leading and guiding members to know the truth. we are helping people understand for them selfs. asking them what they need to do better. and they through it on the table. it works like magic. i feel like this will  be a very good change. i am killing my comp this change. he is happy that we can have a blast and work our butts off this last change. 

i hope all is going well at home and with school stating back up. 

we had someone from our ward that came home from cuba. she was studdying there and finished up she is now a general surgeon. it is a huge deal here. the entire city of tacuerembo is happy for her and that now there is one more doctor that will help all of the nothern half of uruguay.

Elder Pulsipher


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015

this last week on Tuseday we got a call From the assistents and they told us our changes. they were special changes. i got moved to a different ward in the zone. the ward that  had the missionaries that had some problems. i went there to the matutina and then we were also told that i would be staying there for the next change as well.

so this last week was interesting. i dont want to sound pridefull or boastfull. but it makes a huge difference when you are with someone that wants it jusst as bad as you do. but it made me think of the phrase or idea of surounding yourself with greatness. it is something that i will do. i made a commitment with that. i do not like being around underacheivers. 

but this week coming up we are going to have to hit the reset button on the area. because it needs to get redone. it has been over a year since it has been worked like it should be. it has potential. so we will go out there and kill it.

on saturday we had a capacitaion with all of the ward councils of south america. it was via satalite. and they hammered in the idea of jovenes. and of home teaching. it was a good capacitation and i learned alot of things that i want to apply here in the missiona as well as when i get home. 

tonight we are helping with all the changes. we got lucky. we have 4 people leaving at 215 and then 1 more at 720. so we can sleep a couple hours go and then sleep some more. and then the pleple come in at 330 and 11130. and we also have to move houses. but there is another missionary in my group. he is here in t-BO right now and he is going to the zone of oest. where the major buss terminal is. we told him good luck. there in that zone they have to be at the terminal from 1230 in the morning until 12 at night. making sure everything goes smooth. so we are luck out here.

this last week we also got dumped on with rain.  3 days in a row. so everything was soaked in water. i love the rain... if i have a car. walking is ok. bikes are horrible. there is no winning with bikes. you cant even see with the rain.

a tool that we are getting down with our teaching is to ask the person what is the spirit testifing to them in that very moment. asking them what they need to do better. and then we say we dont want to know but will you make a covenent with God to do the things that the spirit is telling you to do.

Elder Pulsipher


Stretching  Feet up the wall

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

this week we had divisions withe the assitents. since we are 5 hours from where they live they both came out here and spent the night and we both worked in the same area. so we double planned for the area. i was with elder trucalo from argentina. he was the assitent with elder staffieri. he is also a professional soccer player. so we had some athletisism in the companionship. 

when i went on divisions with a district leader last week i didnt know what to teach. so i started out with asking them how there reading was what they had learned. we opened up and they shared what they liked from it and then from there it turned into a discussion based lesson. it was super spiritual and we were able to pinpoint there needs and then let the spirit take over. and then we were also able to go ful circle and relate it to what they had studied in there own studies. after that i tried it with my Companion and we loved it because we had the spirit testifing with so much power that they were telling us what they needed to fixx and what they needed to do better. 
we continued doing it and everytime we found there doubts and there problems and they turned into some of the most powerfull and spiritual lessons i have had in my mission. but i know we can only do that in our companionship because we have done our companion studies and we have practiced with eachother in teaching with eachother. we know where we are going with things.
it is turning into, instead of teaching a lesson. have a study with the menos acticvo or the active member. and if they arent ready then we just found the problem.

something that i learned i had learned in one of these ¨studies¨or lessons was with alma 13 22-24 and i conected it to D and C 84:25-26 i conected them because i man had just received the aaronic priesthood but didnt understand the gathering of isreal. so i though what could we do. teach him about the gathering, or his roles as a aaronic preisthood holder.... or the both of the at the same time. and those two scriptures popped into my head. who are the ministring angels... the aaronic priesthood holders. and what do the angels do. that share the gospel and they prepare the hearts of the people. where was this man called to be an aaronic priesthood holder.. in this street. they just fit so perfectly. this has helpèd now quite a few understand there part in the gathering of isreal. all melcesidek priesthood holders are also aaronic preisthood holders. 

everyday we are called by the lord to open our mouths and talk to people to help them out. to prepare there hearts to receive the gospel of christ. not only missionaries but also members. all priesthood holders. all endowed members of the church as well.

this week we also had lunch in a place that is a 30 minute bike ride. and right as we left a huge storm rolled in and we got drenched and all muddied up. but its all good the life of a missionary

we have been working out all the time we are lifting every morning and everynight for an hour each. so 2 everyday. we have this well  in our back yard and we are  using it for burpie box jumps. 

and of course we are still doing an hour and a half of yoga every monday morning. its getting harder as my abbs and chest and legs are getting bigger but its good to keep working with it.
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher