Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

this week has been a week a little differnet becasue my comp was sick so we were stuck in the house for 3 days.but this week we have also dropped alot of people. so we are in the finding game again.

we are working alot now witht the ward list and the area book. we are having to be very diligent with this because if we dont there wont be a reward. we have been finding alot of people have moved from the area. 

this week i have studied alot on the attonement. i had been teaching people about the gathering of isreal, but they just werent getting it like they were in rivera(my last area) and i was stumped. why are they not getting it here and why did they get it in rivera. and what i came to conclusion was the following. my first 2 months in rivera we taught about the doctirne of christ and about the attonement and we drilled it into the people with that. and then as missionaries being prepared with the doctirne of christ i was then able to learn and be able to teach the next stepp. the gathering of isreal. i was able to understand what is the gathering of isreal and its purpose because i had a good hold on the doctrine of christ. and of the attonement. going along with that why is it that the peple, or other missionaries, do not understand the gathering of isreal. because they do not understand the doctrine of christ. that could have a hold on the attonement or they could be faulting that as well. but it is a procces and the lord gave it to our mission in that order for a reason. we needed time to prepare for all of the things before hand.

in mosiah 27 it talked about how alma the younger gets converted to the gospel and then after he repents and has a change of heart he then goes out and teached and preaches the gospel. it is a great example to all the missionaries because he was name called and beated but he kept going because his joy as a missionary is to bring others the joy he was experiencing. something that is a example as well in mosiah 18 verse 1 is that all missionoaries have to repeant first and then they can teach the gospel. 
but in mosiah 28 verse 1 and 2 alma the younger and the sons of mosiah are forming there equipo misional. they got all the conversos recientes and brought them together. and they all had deseos to go out and teach so they all went out together and were able to teach the laminites in a more productive way.

today we had an asado with the 2nd consler in the bishopric and it was funn. he has a pool table and we were playing and just messing around and he starts to mess around and then he says ok lets play a game. we get going. and then i see a trophy of his. the uruguay champion in pool. so i was like oh boy, and he saw that i saw the trophie and then he just started to go to town and won the game in the next 3 minutes. but he is a great guy and he works had for the ward.

tomrrow we have a conference as a mission and then we have a conference with elder oaks in the afternoon. so it will be a day full of conferences

this week we had an investigater just show up at the church out of the blue and she was super interested. she was a friend of a member so this is a great blessing.

i love you all

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

i am now down here in montevideo again and my ward now is alot differnet from my other ward here in montevideo. it is a whole lot better and the people that live in the ward are more reseptive. this area however touches my last ward. it is crazy how different just one steet difference can make. 

last friday i was able to attend a sealing of hermano bentencor. he was my ward mission learder here in oeste 18. the ward i was in 5 months ago. he is awesome and he grew a ton. it was the first sealing i have ever been able to see. i learned alot and was able to learn alot of all the blessings that we have as members of the church. how much grander is our reponsibility to be strong in following christ. this morning i went and signed some papers for a nother family in our ward so they can get married and i will be one of the wittness. there is no comparison of the 2. the temple sealing was powerful and spirituall with blessings and love. were as the the normal way people get married in uruguay is just a process where you get bounced all over the place. and it is just paper work paperwork and more and there are no blessings at all. infact people lose things when they get married. they lose money from the government that they would of gotten if they were single. it is sad to see how much the world has recked marriage and how little that the world understands.

but with the temple i was able to go on divisions with elder naea. he was my comp in 18. so it was fun to go and see all the members again. as well president smith was able to attend with his wife. and we were able to talk with him in the temple. the gathereing of isreal and the sealing ordinance go together so well and are eternally conected. 

this week in church we had 108 in the church so this is a large ward here in uruguay. there are alot of people that need help here. the area as well is going to need some work. it is a great area and ready to go but the last 5 to six elders that were here were not all that hard working and focussed on the work. we had people to visit but i honestly feel like the missionaries went and found the craziest people and taught them and they somehow made it through baprism because they went to church 3 times. and the ward works hard but they aresnt looking for the missionaries help. because they dont trust them. presiedent has given me the assignment to clean things up here. and get them back on track. i am going to start with the house.its got t get cleaned. i honestley feel like we are going to have to open the area and drop everyone. we can pick them bak up but for now just start fresh.

i am the 1st conseler in the youngmens so i am in charge of the teachers. and i have 8 in total and 4 go to church and are active. 2 dont have the priesthood and 1 is still a deacon. so as a quorme there is work to be done. the goal we have is to get 6 by the end of the change. 

this next week we have elder oaks coming and i have been preparing for him spirituall and emotionally. i hope that i can get everything out of him

keep up the work everyone

Love elder Pulsipher

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015

this week with conference was great it was a great way to see and explained how a family should be run and everything. at conference i was able to watch it in 3 different languages. i watched every talk in  the language it was spoken. i havent really been focusing in on learning portugues. but i have been able to learn it here and speak it i little bit. but i can read it and understand it all.

this last week we had teenagers from the stake with us all week. it was a good to help them out. i was able to go with hermano vega. he is about to tuen in his papers and go on the mission. he is 21 years old. he is a great guy and really willing to learn and grow. we were able to teach alot of good strong lessions and he was able to teach alittle bit. 

so i am going to cerro in the ward 17. it is right next to oeste 18 were i used to be in montevideo. but in reality it is a whole different world there. i have been there before and the ward ha alot of energy and they are super lively so it will be a great time work down there.

this week with cinference we had numerous of our less actives and investagators that were able top go. it will help them and strengthen them alot in order to continue to grow and strengthen themselfs. 

sorry its short this week. i love you all and keep working hard.

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher