Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

this week was a good week. we are continuing to have a lot of hours with members and it is helping out.

i went on divisions this week  and we went to a less active that is smoking again. and he said that he tries to drop it but cant. he says he physically cant and thinks that for the rest of his life he wont be able to. it made me think you can do what ever you want to do. if you really want to follow the Lords commandments you can. he will help you. you just have to excersice you faith and do it. and some times you have to go in blind and not know what will happen, just know that it is the lords commandment that you are doing. i love the storie of nephi. but i love it the way that Coach Anea taught us before practice one day.
 `` SOFT SOFT you think Nephi was soft. you think the spirit is soft. yeah thats how it was written but what actually happened. he went once and laban was going to kill him. they went again and with all there money do you think thats soft and then after thant he got beat by his brothers. do you think it would be soft to get beat by a stick and then go again and listen to  the spirit and chop labans head off. The scriptures arent soft.`` 
but its true if you dig deaper into the scriptures and actually see what is happening. he is living his life whith actual things happening and some times what you have to do isnt easy or soft. some time to follow the lords commandments you have to suffer a little and it will be hard but in the end it is worth it.
this week we shared the restoration video but didnt have a remote to change the launguage so i got the go to translater in that one. it was good to do because it helped me understang the story that much more when i had to translate it all. i have also been reading joseph smith history once a week for the last cople months it is good to always read it and learn from it.

this week in the church we helped the bishop with a lady that didnt have food and we had to go get some for her. i felt like you mom when you would always do that when you where the releif socciety president.

i taught 2 families the first day that i got here the doctirine of christ. focusing on going to the church to take the sacrament. always. for the rest of your life. and they have not missed a week yet. they havent gone for a very long time. but it is true that if you understand the doctirne of it you will always go to church.

we live with the secrataries and the benifit of that is yes they have a car and we went in the morning this past week and ran on the beach it was good. and hard at the same time.

i am loving it and i want to sen pictures but the computers usb port isnt working i will try next week

i am trying everyday to become more like christ and it is a good goal. we all should try to be more like him and try to do the things he would do. which one is follow all the comandments all the time no matter what. there is no exceptions.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher 

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