Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015

this week we were getting into the grove of working with my new comp. 

he is doing alot better though he is starting to like the mission. i have been able to talk to him alot about his testamony and how he can become more comfortable in the mission. for example what things he could work on. alot of it i learned up at college with Craig Manning. i am glad we had to take the sports sycology class it is helping a ton with me on the mission and with helping my comp

this week in our ward we had a baptism and the lady afterwards gave her testomny and it was really powerful. she knew her sins were forgiven and she knew that this is th path back to christ and she knew that she could go to the temple and do the work for her family. she only has one regret. that she could of done this 79 years ago.

as well we did splits of sunday night and we were able to get in 6 visits between the both of us within the one hour that we did it. it was a great chance to invite the less actives to church. somethiing really quick but really effective.

also we took a hike real early this morning on the line on uruguay and brazil to see the sun rise. it was super pretty up on top of this montain. one side you could see urugauy and you turn around and you look and see all of rivera(uruguay) i will attach som pictures.

as well this week we have been working with a mom and a sin silvia and facundo and they have been progressing very well we found them last week and the have a baptism date in february so this will be fun to help them out. they alreay have a ton of friends that are members. tonight we are going to have a family home evening with them and a nother family in the ward.

as well this week our bishop ¨motivated¨ the ward to do there part with the missionary work of keeping all the members active. he did it with d and c 101. he helped them understand the importance of home teachers and visiting teachers and doing the visits

we are working hard with the ward and they are working hard to help us. so together the work will progress so much faster and we wont be waisting our time on things the ward should be doing.

i love you all
Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19, 2015

this week i got my new comp. elder salgado from hondurus. he is a great guy and ready to learn the ways of the mission. i am working hard to help himm understand all of the things he needs to as a missionary. and the major one that will be a tidious one is to have to desire to work hard. that is something that not everyone quite has down. i didnt either when i got to the mission. i got the work hard part down. i could do that. just not to have the constant desire to work hard.

as we are working it is hard for him to keep up witht the walking and i understand that at first it was hard for me as well. but as i am training him i feel like i am retraining myself everything that i need to know and do as a missionary.

this week i was reading in 2 nephi 28 and i read 24. wo unto those that are at ease in zion. for me that hit me and lit a fire under my butt. i can just go throught the motions of teaching. just being content with what i have and not worry about more. this last change was like that a little bit. we just got stuck in it with all the holidays and the lack of time we had to work. but we really cannot be hesitent in zion. we can just go through the motions. we can just be happy with what we got. behave to fight formore. wehaveto desire to acheive more and know howto get it.

that istrue in all things not just in missionary work but in life.

so this week on tuseday night i went down to montevideo to pick up my kid and we go there and to pick them up we form a line infront of the temple and we walk behind them and then start singing called to serve and i have it on video except my camera died halfway through which stunk. 
but it is a great way i think to meet your new comp.

this week we also had a ward temple trip and that was great we had a family get sealed in the temple and the whole ward helped them and supported them all the way. it was a great experience to see.

we were also able to find 4 new people that are already progressing. so we willbe working with them and helping them along the way.

this week in church i was able to give a talk. and i have started to love speaking in church. unlike back before when i had to give youth talks and i wrote it at the last second. well now i dont even write it. i just know what theme i am going to speak on and then i go up there and use the scriptures  and just speak. no outline no nothing. just go for it

well i love you all keep working hard

Love Elder Pulsipher

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jan 13, 2015

this last week we had a conference and the entire way of missionary work has changed to start of we read d and c 101 43-57 and the brethern in sakt lake and in south america said we were to study this and join it with the new plan we were about to get as well as with now is the time for the member and missionaries to work together.

we are now working a whole lot witht the members and a bigger part of the ward. 
it will be a lot better way of working and more efficient way of working but will take more effort from the ward members

as well as that i will be training these next to changes so i will be heading down to montevideo tonight to pick up my kid this will be a fun trip. 

as in the ward with this new plan the whole work has been kick up and ramped up. im excited for everything that is going to happen. here in the work.

we have started to play volleyball in the mornings of p day we wake up 30 minutes early we are playing for 2 hours syuding and then playing after. its the only sports we can do. but we are getting better at it.

this week we worked alot with helping the members progress and in the sence of everything. the ones that arent endowed to get them endowed. the ones that dont hold family home evening have them do them with our help. everyone can progress everyone has room for improvement.

also we did a service and cleaned out a members storage shed. and in it was about 1000 crockroaches that we had to kill. so we got a bottle of raid and went to town. we got a bunch of them then stepped on a bunch as well. im just glad we dont have that problem at home.
im excited for this next change. it should be a good learning experience and alot of growth. 

good thing as well. do you guys remeber debby from artigas. the american body builder. well she gave elbakri a bunch of weights like 140 kilos and bars and stuff. and she then said that i can have them after wards, so i should be getting a huge gym in my own house. so this will be alot better way to work out for the rest of my mission

ive been doing cross fit and i havent worked out legs in forever and my butt is really sore form it. and we live on top of a hill. so walking home every night is a blast with sore legs. but im just getting used to it now.

as for the work we had a family home evening with the bishoip and his family invited a nonmember friend and it was a great chance to have a lesson with a nonmember and its super easy and worked really well. HÁGALO. 

this week was a little bit differnet witht he conference and then lots of meetings with the ward to set up this plan in the ward and then a deep clean of the house. so now our bathroom smells like a pool for all the clorine(bleach) that we used in it.

well i hope all is well and i love you all

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5, 2015

this last week was a great week of work with out distractions. we were able to get a great planning session in at the biginning of the week and then we were able to work hard all week and have a good week of work.

i was able to go on divisions and we had a great day in our area. as well as we got some home teaching done. that is something that i we as missionaries are doing in this ward as well.
but this is the only ward i have ever seen with hoime teachers.
we had a ward executive priesthood meeting and our bishoip lit a fire under everyones butts in a good way. he said that every investagator that we have right now will be baptized if and only if they get visits from the ward members and leaders. so he then went through each of ours and the hermans weekly reprt paper and said ok this person tell me about him. ok now i want some one from the bishopric. i will go to this one. yeoung me. elders quorm. ward mission learder. ward missionaries. ok now we have 5 visits with members for him. ok next person and assigned 5 more people. and continued for the ones we had and the hermanas as well then said. ok now what mpore do we need to do for the less actives. 

he is awesome. i feel he is the best bishop here. 
this week we found or re found  investagater that we haddnt taught in about 2 changes here. and we are teaching him again and then he went to church. that was sweet. we had just about everyone that we had taught the week before go to church. even a 18 year old that hadnt gone in 2 years. and then right after church we were able to exercice our priesthood and give two blessings and then go give the sacrament and have a testimony meeting in this ladies bed room. that was a really spiritual experience. and we invited a thirteen yearl old deacon to go with us to pass the sacrament to him so he could have a chance to use his priesthiood athourity out of the church building

we also had new years and with that the new years fireworks were a ton better then the christmas ones. 

we are working hard with the ward and we will get results with the gameplan that our bishop and the mission has. as long as we work together and with diligence. the members and missionaries.

a story that i loved this week was 

God did not leave us to suffer the full effects of “that
awful monster, death and hell.” Read 2 Nephi 9:10,
and mark what God has prepared for us.
Read the following analogy from President Joseph
Fielding Smith that illustrates our need for a Savior:
“A man walking along the road happens to fall into a
pit so deep and dark that he cannot climb to the surface
and regain his freedom. How can he save himself from
his predicament? Not by any exertions on his part,
for there is no means of escape in the pit. He calls for
help and some kindly disposed soul, hearing his cries
for relief, hastens to his assistance and by lowering a
ladder, gives to him the means by which he may climb
again to the surface of the earth.
“This was precisely the condition that Adam placed
himself and his posterity in, when he partook of the
forbidden fruit. All being together in the pit, none
could gain the surface and relieve the others. The pit
was banishment from the presence of the Lord and
temporal death, the dissolution of the body. And all
being subject to death, none could provide the means
of escape.
“Therefore, in his infinite mercy, the Father heard the
cries of his children and sent his Only Begotten Son,
who was not subject to death nor to sin, to provide
the means of escape. This he did through his infinite
atonement and the everlasting gospel” (Doctrines of
Salvation, ed. Bruce R. McConkie, 3 vols. [1954–56],
Most of Jacob’s message in chapter 9 focuses on the
way the Lord prepared for us to escape the grasp of
physical and spiritual death, and it assures us that we
can be delivered

i love you all

Elder Pulsipher
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher