Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

this week was a good week. we went back through all of the area book and we found all of the old investagaters and we are going to visit them which is good and bad. some are ready to listen and some had problems with past missionaries and we had to be careful in the house.

we had 61 in the church this last week and what is more awesome then that is that we have had now for the last 8 weeks hermana franco and her family in the church i talught the the importance of the sacrament the first day i was here in this area and she has not missed a week yet. how awesome is that

it is true when people understand the emportance of the sacrament they will go to take it every week si o si. (no matter what).

today i also made cinnomon rolls. i dont think that they are as good as moms but still they are really good. but the smell made the whole house smell like christmas in the pulsiphers home. it smelt really good. 

this week we worked alot with the members andhad a nother week of 17 hours which for me is my high for all of my mission. it is super important to have the members help. 

more then just going out to work with the elders it is importand to give them someone to teach with references. in our ward we have the goal to have each member give one refence per month. is that all that hard to do that. one person that you can save there life. all you have to do is tell the elders. you dont have to do anything else more then that. and you are doing a huge part in the work of salvation of men.

our ward mission leader is a beast. he is awesome and he is always helping us out which is great. he is always filling our lunch calender and we havent had a day with out luch which is awesome.

general conference is just areound the corner. that is great that mom and dad you can go to the conference in salt lake. 

and that is aweome that byu is killing it as well as anson is killing it and aubrey as well

thats crazy that aubrey is going to drive here soon.

this week we have had lots of work and we are helping the area come back to life with good people that want to live the gospel and go to church everyweek.

cinomon rolls 

and extra dough so we made pizza.
ps mom sister smith said that she is going to use your cinnomon roll recipe in the missionary cook book so you are going to be famous
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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