Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dec 15, 2015 the Last Letter

This is my last letter that I will send as a missionary. 

last week on Friday I was able to go to a sealing of someone that I reactivated in Rivera. it was an amazing experience to see the full circle of this family. from advoiding us to being sealed. they have learned so much and are growing. not only that but the people that needed help when I was in rivera have also grow and have been strengthened. I have come to really see how much the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses the people on the earth.

this last week i will log a total of 55 hours of travel which includes 3 trips to montevideo and the trip home and the Trip to Vegas ¡GO COUGS!

I am excited to see you, however sad to leave Uruguay. It has become part of me. It will be a culture shock when I get home.

In my mission I have had many experiences that have changed my life but one that has stood out to me is in 3 nephi 10 4-8 this includes the doctrine of christ and the gathering of isreal. I know that if my friends and family are not there at the second coming I will Cry and I will Scream. Because I know that I could of done more and I didnt.

last night we taught luciana and fedrico this lession. and i asked that.... I have done everything that i can as a full time missionary (tthey havent gone in 2 months to church), now it is your hands. are you going to make me cry when Christ comes.(by not being there).

Attached are my experience that I have had on my mission.

Elder Pulsipher