Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3, 2014

this past week we had two baptims. not in our area but they were people that naea taught and then one that i taught and then other elders baptized them. in total there was 5 people that i saw get baptized this last week. that was a really good experience.

also there was halloween here. its not as big as in the states but it still exists. we had a little fun in the night in the house i will send a picture.

but with the baptisms it is really special to see people make a covenant with God to always remember him. always keep his commandments and to take his name upon them.

i still remember my baptism. i remember who talk and who said the prayers and also what room it was in in the murrieta stake center and then going into the fount. it is something really special to remember and to always think back on. that that was the day that you comitted yourself to always follow God

today we got a washer and dryer so no more hand scrubbing all of my clothes and then hanging them out the window. this will be alot nicer. but it was a pain to get them in the elevater because they are about just as wide as the elevater.

this week we have a fireside with president smith and all of his family. they came to visit and so all of the members of montivedo are having a fireside with him.
and also we are going to a ward temple trip on this saturday. so this should be a fun eventfull week.

something that i was reading in moroni 7 and in the last conference talk i dont know if everyone quite understands this.   Satan is bad. anything bad is from satan. anything good is from God.
very simple 

something that alot of people know but not really understand.

for pictures at night wepainted oursleves blue for halloween. like avitars. but i kinda looked like a Blue Ape

and this was the baptism of luana dopico


Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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