Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

this week president was in artigas all week. it was a good experience to learn from him. i think i will be an experet on teaching the doctirne of christ at the end of my mission. if someone truly understand the doctirne of christ they will never fall away from the church. read it the chapters 2 nephi 31 3 nephi 11,18,27

i had the chance to do a study with him just me and my comp we studied it together. and how to teach it. my comp said it best. his job beforehand was to get people to do things by using his words. big powerfull people. and now he has the spirit as well. and you have no choice but to accept and do the things that he wants. he was teaching the doctirne of christ and had it on voice recorded. it he taught it the night before. at the end when he gave the compromiso. the lady got all fired up and said she didnt have time she was doing good things and helping and serving but she will go in her time.

he sat there then said i would like to know do you want me to teach the doctirne of christ to people how christ taught it or how the carnal man teaches it.   she sat the and after a minute she said crying how christ teaches it.

it is funny to her my comp talk about it. he says he just trapps them in a corner with no where to go the only way out is to repent and change. but he trapps them with the spirit and he is so good at it.

 this week we also had the fireside. it was super good. we even got debbie to go. it was awesome. and then we were talking to her after and then president came up and talked to her. she is very much like jynx from the district.

we had a ton of people there. it reminded me of the old temecula creek ward when we had over 300 going every week. but it was all the way to the back. i dont know how many went but we filled the stake center.

this week is also change week. i am getting changed to oeste 18. it is in montivedeo. i will be with elder sipan form peru.
but firt i am going to go to rievera for a week. the oeste stake is doing a fireside this week so they wont have changes there until sunday. so i am getting a miny change in. 

so i have had to say good bye to my first area i leave tomorrow in the morning and i go on but through brazil. it is like and hour and a half bus ride but apperently it is a supper cool route.

love elder pulsipher

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

hey family this week we worked really hard. we had 2 days with 7 lessons which is greeat because my average walk house to house is 20 minutes.

i have been counting in my ward how many of them are from my area. this week we had 93 and 40 from my area. and the are 3 sets of missionaries. so we are doing well in that sence. we are working hard with the menos activos to get them back to church. that has been a never ending battle. they go one week and then not the next.

this week it only rained once. which was nice.
so i went looking for rain boots and i found some. bt then i asked for my size 47 and they started laughing saying we have 44-45 and then i looked elsewere. even went to brazil. and i havent found anywere that even make anytype of shoe that big.

this week the APs are in artigas as well as president. they will be here all week prepping for the fireside. they are putting alot into this. it has done magic the the zones that they have done it in.

we are hoping it will do the same in ours.

also this past week we have been helping out a family that is an eternal investagator family. we are teaching them and starting to make progress. they know they have to change and are willing to do it.

our american inverstigater, debbie. she took a spill in her house because the floor was wet because the humidity. and she chipped a tooth has to get a crown and then broke her jaw as well. she texted us and said well today i took a spill and tanked it and hit the kitchen table. 

but she is a trooper shell be fine

this week in the book of mormon i was studing visions. like the first vision. and i was studing nephis in 1 nephi  11 and something i thought was interesting was that the lood visits us because he loves the children of man. it is in verse 16. and it aslso means that he visited jose and answered his pray because he loves him.

this is the last week before changes. so next week i will tell you what my change is weather i am staying or not. and how it all goes with this fireside and with president in artigas.

Love Elder Pulsipher.

Hoy Es El DIA

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

we had interviews with the president this week. we had a great capacitazion( capacitation i think) he taught about the doctirne of christ. it starts in 2 nephi 31 10. we have to follow christ and his commandments. it goes on to say that we have to repent and be baptized and endure to the end. that is the only way that we can and will be saved. if we dont do those things then how can we be saved. we cant and we wont. it is a real eye opener. we then had the oprotunity to go out and teach this lession over the past couple of weeks. there is a bunch of different ways to teach it.
another one is that in 3rd nephi when the Lord is implimenting the sacrament he tells them to always take it. the word in spanish is siepre. and what does that really mean does it mean that you take it 24 7. or does it mean this there are 4 chances in a month to take the sacrament. in a year we have 52. so the lord comanded us to take the sacrament all the time. so we are to take it every week 4 a month and 52 a year.

we had a lession with someone that plays football for a team. if you have 4 games a month are you only going to go to 3 or 2 of them. no you will go to all 4.

also in football you have to follow your trainer to get better. to grow and to be a better player. if you dont go and listen to your coach then you will never grow and be strenthened. it is the same with christ. how can we progress and be strengthened if we never come unto christ and follow him. we have to follow him. we have to always take the sacrament. we have to do this so we to can have the vida eternal.

we have been practicing alot for the fireside it is in two weeks. we got a new song now. the britly beams song. we are doing only the elders and we are singing it all in parts. im getting better im not a dieing whale anymore. im just a whale.

its great to hear that everyone is going good and that the lake is doing awesome. and that catherine is having a blast in california.

and that austin is getting really old. happy birthday austin.

we are having a great time in artigas and we having fun still playing soccer in the mornings at 6 everyday.

love Elder Pulsipher

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 7, 2014

this week we had the 4th of july.

i didnt know it was the forth until the day before. that morning we woke up extra early at 530 to play more football. they that day all the americans wore red white and blue ties. we had a practice for the fireside in the morning and some one had a flag so we all sang the national anthem and other america songs. its cool how much american pride we still have. the weather was great untill about 4. we went out to work and then it started to poor and we didnt have any thing ready for the rain. like jackets or umbrelas or books in bags. but luckly my bad is water proof. so we kept walking and as we were going a truck came and splashed all the sewer water that ran on the the street all over us. so we thought we cant go in inones house like this so we went back home changed into dry clothes and went out again. we taught some good lessions that night. then when it was the time for bed there was lightning every 10 seconds so the house was pretty much lit for 5 seconds off for 5 the whole night. with loud thunder. then at 1130 the thunder changed and it started to sound like some one was throwing rocks at the roof. its a sheet metal roof. we go out side to look and we see baseball size hail falling and exploading on the ground. luckly the roof didnt break. but the next mornig we said yeah we didnt get fireworks this year but we got all of that and that was alot more exlosive then fireworks.

this week we practiced for the firside 3 times. my dying whale voice is changed just to a whale voice. haha. i can sing everything down low. but when it comes to stuff up high watch out.

we are singing battle hymn of the republic and josephs first prayer and soy un hijo de dios y 2 more.

this week we had an awesome lesson with hermano taylor. the one that president smith loves to visit. he still has a problem with smoking but we brought back up the blessings of the temple. he hasnt gone yet. but he wants them and he has a strong testamoniy of them already. he knows the things are true he just loses sight some times. 

this week we have interveiws with president smith on thursday.

Love Elder Pulsipher