Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

change week and that means that p day is on tuseday, yesterday president smith call all the zone leaders in montevideo and told them that everyone can go to the temple tomorrow. we didnt get the info until 1030 at night. so our plans changed really quickly.

but the temple is such a great place. i am so glad that we can be sealed in the temple. i was thinking today. wow because of this i can be with my family forever. i love this opprotunity.

i remember my last time going to the temple in the states it was with all my family. on new years eve. that was such a great experience.

we are working hard in this area. we are also working in the area of the secrataries. they dont have much time and our bishop told us to work there area a little bit.

they have alot more less actives that are ready to go back to church. they just needa good kick in the butt with the doctirne of christ. expessially in 3rd nephi 18. i am seeing the fruits of it still it is awesome.

tomorrow i get my new comp he is from brazil. his name is elder lima. he is a little bit taller then elder sipan. i heard he is like 6 2.

 this week we tried to give fecha again to adrian but he didnt go to church again because his wife didnt want to go 

but we are working with him to go on his own. for his own salvation.

that is great that byu is killing it and that anson is working really hard.

how is yale doing austin 

today we went to the temple with a member in his sweet ride

the temple really is a special place. i love it.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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