Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

this last week went by really  fast. here in rivera there a lot more less active lessions. they are willing to open up and listen to you. now the goal is to get them to understand. they arent as smart as they are in montevideo but i just have to teach things very simple and slow.
these next two weeks asre pretty full. i leave tonight in the middle of the night to montevideo for interviews with president and temple as well. we are doing the work for one of our ancesstors. which will be awesome. i hope to learn from president alot at this conference. over the last two or so changes i have been able to see what he teaches and not only that but the why he teaches it to us. i always like the why. that way i can aply it. but i have been open to alot more deeper understanding of gosple and life knoledge.

and then thurseday friday and saturday we will have a chior practice and then sunday we have the fireside as well as friday and saturday night we have activities in the ward. so this week will be pretty fast and then next week is christmas.

that is awesome that adam proposed

so this week we had a priesthood activity. and we did a good one we made churipans. it is a sausage on bread. it was fun and a good activity. and they bought enough for each person to have 4 of them. its enogh to fill me up.

continuing on with the week we found this kid named santiago. he is a 20 year old and his friend is going on a misssion and was a refernece. he is super awesome and i am hoping that he will want to continue to progress.

in our ward we have members that are fighing to go out with us. we  have two young women, who are sister. that go out with the sister missionaries and with us at least once a week each. and i set a challege to all the youth in the ward. theres about 4 of them that are solid and go out to work with us. the challege was who ever gets the most hours with me and my comp this change will get 5 cinnomon rolls. i dont know if thats bad to make a challege like that or not. but after they saw the pictures of the cinnomon rolls our week was filled with every hour and they are fighting to get all the spots. but. after a while tohey will relize that the temperal prize is nothing to the spriitual prize of working with us. the 4 of them are awesome. 

as well as we have this guy that is a cheif. and he sells food and its good and cheep. but his and his wife go out with us all the time. they are so awesome and his testimony is super strong. he went from drinking smoking and going out on the weekends and he said after one lession he felt the spirit and stopped all of it just in that moment. he will be sealled this coming month to his wife. 
he is a great testimony of what coach mendehal would always say to us. its a chioce to be the best. its a choice to work the hardest. its a chioce to follow the honnor code. you just have to choose it. and anyone and everyone can choose it. this man daniel has mad this choice and he made it in a day. he choose that he was going to stop and change his life. and he did. but it all starts with us choosing

its something we all need to think about the scriptures are hard to read everyday. going to church is hard. a mission is hard. going to the temple is hard. living the gospel is hard. working with the missionaries is hard. putting down drinking. putting down drugs. linging the law of chasity. tithing is hard. life is hard. well so was sufferering in gethsemany for jesus christ and so was getting whipped and carring his cross. and getting crusififed. it was not easy for him to suffer in his body as well as his spirit. it was not easy for him to fall on his face screaming with pain as he suffered for each one of Gods children. but guess what he choose to do it. it was his choose. yes its hard at times and seems imposible but how imposible was it for christ to do all those things. we too can pull our load. we just have to choose to do it.

and this last week i did 15 pushups after every prayer in the house. this weeks goal is 20 . it ads up at the end of the day up around 200 a day 
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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