Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30, 2014

this week was a week of work and a week of work in the rain. The saying here os that time it rains your wife gets hotter. well it was pooring this last week and then it started to poor hail that was interesting. 

but this week we had a lot of contacting and it was alot of walking. the area doesnt have many investigators or less actives that want to listen. we are trying to change this. we have gone through all of the area book and cleaned it up and are visiting the all the references. 

also a thing that we are working on is having a good relation with our bishop. in the mission he is known for not being friendly with the missionaries and we are trying to change that. he is very strict and its his way or the highway. My comp is ex miltary and i am ex slave (just kidding with that) but i was raise will rules and doing it the right way. so we are working hard to work well with our bishop.

yesterday we had interveiws with president smith. he had to teach him the doctirne of christ. when i entered he said that you dont need to teach it to me you already did it at zone conference in front of everyone and you killed it. so instead he asked what more i wanted to know about it. i talked with him about something i have studied. it is in ether. it is in chapters 13 through 15. it is so true what is going on in those chapters. that if only we repeant we will be saved. but if not we will spiritually die and then after we spiritually die we will die physically at the number of 2 million. 

and not only that satin will blind our minds and our eyes (3 ether 15:16ish) and we will be in the temptation and the mist of darkness. and not only that but we will not have the power and the strength to cary on and work and be happy. 

it is so true all of this all you have to do is open your eyes and repent. and God will help you but if you dont. satin will be total poderoso ove you and you will die first spiritually and second phyisically. i love that story because it is so true and in the end the lords ways are higher then the ways of the world.

also just to let you all know micheal jackson is still alive it was all a hokse. he lives her in montivideo and he is a baptised member know. its a great conversion story. but we went over to his house the other day

this week is conference. i am excited to here and to learn form the profets it should be great

like always make sure to sleep before hand and not during conference

love you all

Elder pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

this week was a good week. we went back through all of the area book and we found all of the old investagaters and we are going to visit them which is good and bad. some are ready to listen and some had problems with past missionaries and we had to be careful in the house.

we had 61 in the church this last week and what is more awesome then that is that we have had now for the last 8 weeks hermana franco and her family in the church i talught the the importance of the sacrament the first day i was here in this area and she has not missed a week yet. how awesome is that

it is true when people understand the emportance of the sacrament they will go to take it every week si o si. (no matter what).

today i also made cinnomon rolls. i dont think that they are as good as moms but still they are really good. but the smell made the whole house smell like christmas in the pulsiphers home. it smelt really good. 

this week we worked alot with the members andhad a nother week of 17 hours which for me is my high for all of my mission. it is super important to have the members help. 

more then just going out to work with the elders it is importand to give them someone to teach with references. in our ward we have the goal to have each member give one refence per month. is that all that hard to do that. one person that you can save there life. all you have to do is tell the elders. you dont have to do anything else more then that. and you are doing a huge part in the work of salvation of men.

our ward mission leader is a beast. he is awesome and he is always helping us out which is great. he is always filling our lunch calender and we havent had a day with out luch which is awesome.

general conference is just areound the corner. that is great that mom and dad you can go to the conference in salt lake. 

and that is aweome that byu is killing it as well as anson is killing it and aubrey as well

thats crazy that aubrey is going to drive here soon.

this week we have had lots of work and we are helping the area come back to life with good people that want to live the gospel and go to church everyweek.

cinomon rolls 

and extra dough so we made pizza.
ps mom sister smith said that she is going to use your cinnomon roll recipe in the missionary cook book so you are going to be famous
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept 15

This week was really good with my new comp. he has a lot of time in the mission and he knows alot and how to teach so it will be great.

we didnt have much in the area so we basically started fresh and started over. we are staring it over and are going to the ward directory and visiting every member on the list and ever investagater in the area book. so i hopr that we can turn this area around. my last comp had a ton of animo. desires but we were both young i felt like i was doing all the brains behind everything but we werent visiting the right people. i hope that this change we can work hard and smart.

this week we have also made a ward mission plan for the ward. that should really help. but the peopblem we have is the same problem that is in grandma zwahlens ward. it is a shrinking ward with not vey many youth. i think in total we have 3 young men young women

but we have been focousing on finding investagaters that will progress. which is part member families and references from members.

this week i have been thinking aton about this week  is what is the real church of God. it isnt just what we have in the present day. with the restoration. it is a little deeper. it is the same church that is in the earth with adam and with moses and noah and all the way to christ. and in the  americas. the same religion. the same plan of salvation the same gospel of christ.
with this it is not a new gospel that we crazy mormons have. it is the bible. it is exactly what christ taught. it is the same that was is and will be taught by him. the ``true church of God`` is a little deeper then just what people see. 

when i started to think of it in that way it brings more of a deeper meaning.

anson that is great that you are killing in in football. and i like the jerseys. and i like how they look exactly like tvhs´s jerseys. dang whoever designed those bad boys was a guienus. haha.

but that is great to hear that everyone is going on missions. three calls this week. that is great that our wrd has so many missionaries. how many do we have now.

General Conference is just around the corner. can you beleive that. it is in 2 weeks. the time has flown. it is always great to go into conderence. with lots of sleep before hand. and not during. and to take notes and go in with a question. because in that way it will be answered. i know sometime we like to just ``rest our eyes for a second`` but we cant learn if we are sleeping now can we.

as for the cinnomon recipie mom i am going to try and do it. but we will see how they come out

this week we had a service of paining a school here is the pictures. 
this is my comp from brazil Elder Lima
this is my creation today, its hot dogs and sause and rice

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

change week and that means that p day is on tuseday, yesterday president smith call all the zone leaders in montevideo and told them that everyone can go to the temple tomorrow. we didnt get the info until 1030 at night. so our plans changed really quickly.

but the temple is such a great place. i am so glad that we can be sealed in the temple. i was thinking today. wow because of this i can be with my family forever. i love this opprotunity.

i remember my last time going to the temple in the states it was with all my family. on new years eve. that was such a great experience.

we are working hard in this area. we are also working in the area of the secrataries. they dont have much time and our bishop told us to work there area a little bit.

they have alot more less actives that are ready to go back to church. they just needa good kick in the butt with the doctirne of christ. expessially in 3rd nephi 18. i am seeing the fruits of it still it is awesome.

tomorrow i get my new comp he is from brazil. his name is elder lima. he is a little bit taller then elder sipan. i heard he is like 6 2.

 this week we tried to give fecha again to adrian but he didnt go to church again because his wife didnt want to go 

but we are working with him to go on his own. for his own salvation.

that is great that byu is killing it and that anson is working really hard.

how is yale doing austin 

today we went to the temple with a member in his sweet ride

the temple really is a special place. i love it.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

this week was a good week. we are continuing to have a lot of hours with members and it is helping out.

i went on divisions this week  and we went to a less active that is smoking again. and he said that he tries to drop it but cant. he says he physically cant and thinks that for the rest of his life he wont be able to. it made me think you can do what ever you want to do. if you really want to follow the Lords commandments you can. he will help you. you just have to excersice you faith and do it. and some times you have to go in blind and not know what will happen, just know that it is the lords commandment that you are doing. i love the storie of nephi. but i love it the way that Coach Anea taught us before practice one day.
 `` SOFT SOFT you think Nephi was soft. you think the spirit is soft. yeah thats how it was written but what actually happened. he went once and laban was going to kill him. they went again and with all there money do you think thats soft and then after thant he got beat by his brothers. do you think it would be soft to get beat by a stick and then go again and listen to  the spirit and chop labans head off. The scriptures arent soft.`` 
but its true if you dig deaper into the scriptures and actually see what is happening. he is living his life whith actual things happening and some times what you have to do isnt easy or soft. some time to follow the lords commandments you have to suffer a little and it will be hard but in the end it is worth it.
this week we shared the restoration video but didnt have a remote to change the launguage so i got the go to translater in that one. it was good to do because it helped me understang the story that much more when i had to translate it all. i have also been reading joseph smith history once a week for the last cople months it is good to always read it and learn from it.

this week in the church we helped the bishop with a lady that didnt have food and we had to go get some for her. i felt like you mom when you would always do that when you where the releif socciety president.

i taught 2 families the first day that i got here the doctirine of christ. focusing on going to the church to take the sacrament. always. for the rest of your life. and they have not missed a week yet. they havent gone for a very long time. but it is true that if you understand the doctirne of it you will always go to church.

we live with the secrataries and the benifit of that is yes they have a car and we went in the morning this past week and ran on the beach it was good. and hard at the same time.

i am loving it and i want to sen pictures but the computers usb port isnt working i will try next week

i am trying everyday to become more like christ and it is a good goal. we all should try to be more like him and try to do the things he would do. which one is follow all the comandments all the time no matter what. there is no exceptions.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher