Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

this week has been a good week. we worked with this family. leyes. the dad is the son of the old stake president. his 10 year old son isnt baptized. we asked the dad if he would baptize his son. he said yes he just has to be ordained to a priest now. this is a great experience to get the whole family back together in the church. it is good to see the change and the happyness that the church brings to family. and how drawing closer to christ the families draw closer to eachother.

this week we had a choca de fuerza. basically all the missionaries in a zone go to an area and knock every door. it wa in my area and we got 30 references so we worked all week contacting those references. it was a lot of walking to get to the contacts. we got half of them done and hope to have the rest done this week.

we are prepping for general conference this week. we are hoping everyone will go to at least one session if not all 4 or five for priesthood. as for everyone at home i hope that you will go to all 4 or 5. 

i hope that adam is doing better that is dissapointing but now we get to go at it for a nother year so we will play for 3 years not just 2 together. it will be like high school my sophmore year at temecula valley high school. but in provo and everyone will be bigger and faster.

i am doing good here in artigas. im loving it. im learning alot of spanish and im learning how to make rice and potatos really well. it is alot of work but alot of fun.

Love Elder Pulsipher

so this is mate. im not drinking it. we arent aloud to but this is how everyone sits in lessons with mate. it is like a tea but its different. 
everyone drinks it. all day and everyday

in brazil at a food shack

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25, 2014

this week was changes so that is why i am writing on tuseday. this week we worked alot and are trying to find new people. 

we had a baptism of the stake and we had 6 people baptizeed. it was a neat experience we had 90 people at it. it was packed in the baptimal room picture 90 people in a room that is no bigger then 20 by 20 it was alot of people.

we are continung to teach the people that we are teaching. they are progressing which is very nice. both the less actives and the investigators. 

next week we are going to move into a new house. it is right next to the church.  it is alot bigger and nicer., the one i am in has had missionaries in it for the last 6-7 years. both hermnas and elders. there is a stack of liahona mgazines that is massive picture that many magazines through into  pile. 

i am with elder finnegan for another change as he trains me. it is going really good and i am learning alot from him.

last night we were at president buenos house for a good bye to one elder in our ward. he is getting changed. but we left his house at 923 and we have to be home by 930 and its a 20 minute walk. so we sprinted home to make it before 930 and we made it there with a minute to spare. that is not the first time we had to hurry home to make it on time but it was the longest.

we had another week with 102 people in the church which is awesome.

we were looking through the area book to find the recent baptisms from the past 5 years to go visit them if they were inactive. elder finnagen asked do you know who this one is. it was the bishop and his family. it is weird to think that the bishop is a new convert but he is a really good bishop. 

love Elder Pulsipher

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

this  week we had stake conference and the temple president and president smith where there. 

he spoke about the motto of the mission hoy es el dia. and ahoraes el momento. that means today is the day andright now is the time. he spoke in the life time of these 23 missionaries there has been over 100 temples built. the lord is hastening the work. every day these missiononaries combined do 230 work hours and over 1600 in a week. member of the artigas stake (and for everyother member everywhere else) if they can give that many hours in a week why cant you give one or 2 in a week. think how much more work that could be done.

so to everyone at home go out to work with the missionaries, they will appriciate the help.

this week was good we worked alot with the members and i hope that this next week will be even better. 

dad you know how you had grandma moose. in this area we have adriana. we went over there last night and she said i had a feeling you were going to come over i saved you some chicken and rice. so she gave us that and tapatio too.

this change is almost over it has gone by so quick. we are moving houses next week and i am going to live with the zone leaders and the new house is right next to the church. so we are going to play soccer alot there. it is starting to cool off so that means alot of rain and lighting when the lightning hits here it hits really really hard. and loud

everything is going good. 

love elder pulsipher

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

this week we had the most people in the church we had 102. with about 8 or so investigaters. normailly we only have about 80 in the church so it was good to get almost 25 percent bigger attendence. 

the family that we were teaching the severo family. they are all members but dont go. we had a family home evening with all of them and in one of there houses. it was a really good time and they then all went to church some got baptized 4 years ago went for a month or two and havent gone since. but we were able to get all of them to church. and we are talking to one of them. adriana. she is awesomoe. we are talking with her and trying to get her to the temple. she wants to go but doesnt have the money or the time right now. but we are going to get her to go. and she is trying to work with her husband. i am not sure with that situation but they arent together right now but they arent apart im not sure. but she is trying to work with him on the church and then there family can be seeled which will be really cool.

a nother family the leyes. we just randomly walk by there house and stopped there. it was a cool experience. he is the old stake presidents son went to one or two years of seminary and nothing else. he is about 30's then his wife same story. but they were thinking they should go back to church and about a week latter we knocked on there door. we had a family home evening with them it was a really good one too. and they went to church and we are working with there 10 year old boy to be baptized. but they said we wanted to go back to church and get active again. and elder finnegan said yeah sometime the lord answers your prayes with the holy ghost and some times he answers them or your desires with us....

it is true we are the lords messenge' when we are working with the holy ghost. we run his erronds.

a nother family is the lozanos. they have a boy that is 15 he turns 16 on march 27. my first time visiting them i thought that he would be the one to baptize his parents. we have gone and visited him alot theis change. he got baptized last year. and then fell away. but we hope he will be able to be ready and his parents as well

we met this american. her name is debby. she is from flordia. but when hurrican catrina hit she had to move and her husband is from here so they moved here. her husband died last year. and she is all alone she has a little farm really small like 15 chickens 10 geese 3 goats. rally small but that is how she gets her money.  she has some really cool stories of how the Lord has blessed her life. it is cool to see that. she knows that there is a god and she knows how he works where if you pray and ask it might not happen today or tomorrow but just have faith and it will. but she is iffy about joining a church. but she is going back to the states to visit her family for six weeks and she said her reading material for the travel will be the book of mormon so hope fully she can find out for her self that God wants her to follow the commandments and one of them is to be baptized by some one with the correct athourity. the priesthood.

oh and it is all in english with debby so that is really nice.

school started for everyone today. it was funny our neighbor was out taking first day of school pictures. mom it reminded me of you doing that every year.

my stake president here is the man. his name is president bueno. he has 4 daughters. and 14 elder as his kids. haha he treats the elders like his boys because he didnt have any. and since his house is in my area me and elder finnegan are the most favored boys. we eat with him everysunday. we go to him all the time with questions about missionary things or with people. he gives us haircuts all that. his wife offers to do laundry every week. but he is like a dad and it is funny because he kinda smells like you dad. but he and his family is awesome. i think that jerry is going to stay with him this week. that is presidents son. he is really close with president smilth. 

my spanish is coming along and it is doing good...... most the days.

elder pulsipher

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

this week went by super quick i wnet down to montevideo for a day and went to the temple. and we had zone conference. then sister smith was super nice and loaded me up with a ton of american food. she is the best. 

so i had a nother 16 hour on a bus and got back at 4 in the moring and then had to wake up at 630 and get to work the next day. there is no excuse in the mission for sleeping in. you get up at six 30 everyday no matter what.

this week was a litte low because of carnival. it is huge her in artegas. it starts at 11 and goes until 5 in the morning and everyone goes. it is for three days. so everyone was sleeping on the weekend. so it was hard to talk to people. 

we went to brazil today to get groceries. it is so cheep there. way cheeper then america. we went and found basically eveeryone from my zone at that store. 

i gave my first lession in spanish. it was a challenge. but the lady i gave it to loves the missionary and has talked with them for 9 years. she got baptised last year. but she understands the learning process of the language of eldres. it is fun to work with her. she even loves picy food. and has tapatio.

something that president smith taught us is that when the earth was being created, it was created for us. this huge massive project and that the world is so beautiful. and then god asked if man is on the earth then he made adàn y eve on the earth. he mad the earth and made men so they could have joy. so the purpose of life is to have joy. and we have joy by coming unto christ.

it is crazy how fast the mission is going i am already 2 months in but it has oly felt like a couple of weeks

love Elder Pulsipher

these pictures. one is the assfault melting one is cows infront of my house.