Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

this last week we were able to teach the doctrine of christ again to the people. it has help the majority of the people here to come back and take the sacrament.
we had a bauptism of the child of someone that we had brought back to church. his child has just turned 8 and so he was baptized by his father. they are going to get sealled here in january. so that was very nice to see.
President called us on saturday morning and he told us he wanted to take us up to riverea for the weekend. he was going to stake conference there. and since my comp and i had both been there he wanted to take us with him. but things didnt workout on our side for getting out for the weekend. we had to many lessons. but he told us next time he will take us. he has done alot of these trips with me since i have become zone leader. he normally doesnt do these with anyone.
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

The weeks are flying by. this last week we had a ton of lessons helping the less actives come back to chuch and make goals to get there temple recomond back. 

we have been working with a family to acheive these goals so that they can go back to the temple as a family.

we have been working with our ward leaders alot here in this ward and they are now working very efficiently with the plan that we have. 

as for the zone we have worked with them to focus in on more investagators. there are alot more people that have people progressing with a baptisml date. we are happy with that and all the wards, this last week, went up with all there numbers. so that makes us happy that the zone is clicking alot better now.

we did service this week with our elders quorme president and he reminds me alot of dad and grandpa. he has a nice house and nice things because he works hard and he is constantly working. we have plans to make a bench and a rack for lifting. i have all the weights just not a rack. so this will be nice and a help to continue getting bigger.

i hope everything is going well at home. aubrey i am praying for you in your test this week. keep it up

and adam i am hearing good things from you from some of my misison buddies. keep killing it out there on the football feild.

i hope everyone is doing good.

this week i was studying the basics again. i went in lession one and ripped apart the teachings in PMG. i asked simple questions and tried to get better understanding.

for example
God has a body of flesh and bone.
Where and when did he get it?
Jesus Christ is central to the plan of God
Why and why Jesus, why not someone else
and there were some other ones that i cant remember but i have written down. it is just interesting to ask simple questions that we think we know. but we really dont.

for example where is the spirit world. on the earth. but there is prission and paradice. where are they are. its seperated. but where is it seperated...

how was it phyisically possible that christ bled from his pores. did his skin disolve or what. what happened with that.

who created us. God the Father or Jesus christ.
did god the father have to pass through an atonement.
how did The father become perfect.
did he have a christ.
how  many christ exist

just many interesting things.

hope all is well. keep working hard
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 12, 2015

this week there was alot of new things that happened. at zone conference on tuseday Pte brought me in to talk with me and said that he was going to switch my comp. he did not like his attitude and he was going to get switched to montevideo and the next change if he doesnt change he will get pulled down from zone leader. i hope he can get his act together. but he came and didnt want to be here in TBO. 

but now i have elder Farnsworth. he is going home in 4 weeks. so it will be a good 4 weeks of work and then i will get a new one. 

so this weke i worked in every single area in the zone doing divisions and staying with other missionaries because my comp left on wenseday and my next comp got here on friday night. so i was going all over the place. but it was good to be able to work with all the elders in th zone and help them all out. 
so i was thinking alot about what mom always said to me Remember who you are and what that means. it is crazy to look at our eternal potential. we have so much and we need to work to acheive it. not only will we get there. to live with Heavenly father. we will alose Become like him. and live as he lives. what is our true potential. and this potential is not only for me. but also for everyother one of Gods Kids. 
if we look at there perspective. like the apostle said in conference. if we look at the people with the perspectiveof the Father. it changes everything.

these first 3 weeks of the change have flow by we are already in week 4. but thats because i was gone out of my area 8 of the days. it was crazy. but now its crank down and work.

we have had 2 families so far come back and are active now. so we are having alot of success out here in the matutina.

Elder Pulsipher


OCTOBER 5, 2015

This week flew by. 

monday night we left from TBO at 145 in the morning for montevideo and then we had concilio. in Concilio we talked alot about what we have learned adn how we can grow from eachother. something that i really liked is we talked about the plan of salvation and the premortal life. it helped me understand the big picture on the entire plan of salvation. and also that there was only one plan which was Gods. Satan di not have a plan nor did he understand Gods plan. because if someone understands the doctrine they never miss a sunday taking the sacrament. so if he understood the plan he would of wanted to come down to earth to obtain a body and receive all that God has for him. it is interesting to think about that thought with patciene. he wanted it now and could not wait. 
also there was a though, that satan was intelegent. . . . He is not. intelegence is light. he was pure darkness. he is very cunning. but intelegent he is not.
it made me think during conference, everytime that light was mentioned I related it to our brightness of our intelegence. it is a different way of thinking about it. we have to let our brightness shine.
light your light so shine

and then the leaders from Tacuerambò had the privalage to go to the temple afterwards. and to think about all the things we had learned from the plan of salvation and also all of the studies that i have had personally and with my companion and then to go to the temple. alot more things s¡made sence to me. but still alot to learn

and so we got back home after the buss at 5 in the morning and went straight to work the next day. then thurseday i did divisions with elder whitacare. he is a new missionary from north carolina. he reminds me of me when i started. it was kinda of fun to look back and to see the change that has taken place in my mission.

so on the 1st of october pte smith called me up and asked what i had planned for my birthday. i told him nothing. he said it just so happens that i am going to be there in tacuarembò tonight and i want to take you out to eat and then i want to take you with me to artigas. would you like to go back to the area where you were born? 

so we eat dinner at the hotel with him and we started at 10 and so i got home around 1130.
the next morning we left at 8 for artigas and then we went on divisions all day. i went with elder baggat and it was very fun because he teaches just like elder woodcock and i did so there was no problem to teach together. we taught a lesson to the hermana fulco. we got her going back to church after 8 years when i was there. she used to be the releif society president. it was sad to see she hadnt gone since. nor had he family. i felt and told her that the lord has sent me here today to teach you these things that i now know to help you reach salvation. i told her the lord called me 2 years ago but i could not speak and did not know the doctrine. however He alowed me to come today and teach it to you. . . and so we taught. she comited to return as she felt the spirit so strong. it was funny when she opened the door and saw it was me i feel the spirit touched her knowing that what i just wrote was true.

it was also awesmoe to she various families active in the church that werent so much when i had left. when we went in there house and noticed that they were on fire we figured nope we arent going to waiste our time. lets continue working. we turned down 4 lessions and then had 5 more through out the day.

so when we got home from artigas it was already 2 in the morning so we took a taxi from the hotel and hurried home.

we then had a zone capacitation and then conference all of saturday and all of sunday. i really enjoyed it and learned alot from it. 

i Really like the pnderizing i am going to make that a goal and i will send home my scripture every week.

1. Familia Fulco
2. Familia Bueno.( stake president in Artigas)
3. our church building got hit by a lightning bolt.
Elder Pulsipher