Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

this week was a good week. we had to take care of a few things concernimg boundaries. we had to cordinate with the missionaries of the other mission. there area touches our area. and since we are not aloud to leave the mission boundaries we had to pass the families we were visiting off with them. so we went with the other missionaries and visited first the family dopico.
they are the first picture.

and when we were visiting them the girl Luana (10 years old) said she wanted to get baptized and she wanted me to do it. (we taught this family since before i got to the area but we didnt find her until i got there). the sad part was that we were having to drop them to the other elders. after the lession we told them that these were there new missionaries. and then they invited them to go to the correct ward. and they excepted because we taught them the doctirne behind it and they understood. the girl was a little sad. 

its all fun and games until a little 10 year old starts to cry saying so you are coming backand we wont she eachoother more. i told her this and i could promise it to her. if she was to follow what the missiononaries said and go to the church every week and choose the right always in your life (i gave her a spanish ctr right a few weeks ago) then yes we will she eachother again. it will be in heaven with God.

later that night the other elders called me and told me that when she gets baptized they want me to do it. 

the next family we wentto the family franco as well said that they would go. they said it will be hard but they will go. 

each one of these families are people that i re activated and hadnt gone to church in forever before i came here. and they havent missed since.

on sunday we called to verify if the families went. and this was amazing the 10 year old girl. bore her testimony in the church. How awesome is that. 

the down side to all of this we followed what president smith told us to do and then infoprmed our ward mission leader what we did. he agreed and said what we did was the right thing.

it was very hard for me because i made them my converts. but it wasnt even a single thought to not do it. i remember when our wards got changed at home. i couldnt even see what the new ward boundaies were when we got changed. all i now is that when it was ours i happily and knew that it was the desire of God for me to be in the new ward. i went and i sustained it right away. 
half of my friends would be in the other ward but it didnt matter. 
something that i love form that special stake fireside we had was that they told us the way the wards were divided. they prayed on it then they sent it to salt lake for the first presidency to pray on it. then sent it back it got changed and then they prayed again. what did i learn 
the ward boundaries are of God. and you have to go to the one you are assigned to becuase that is where God wants you and where you will be blessed the most. if God really wanted you in the other ward your house would be in that ward boundaries.

but that isnt completly understood here. two days after we received a call from a very angry bishop. he said we couldnt do that and that it wasnt our responsibility. and that we wer in the wrong.

that was a great call. we had to tell him the whole story and we fixed the problem and now he has acepted that yes it is betterthat they go to there corect ward. but it is still good that they go to my ward and have callings and havetemple recomends.
but he is making no effortto send the people to there correct wards.

the rest of the help willhave to come from president smith helping the stake president and bishop understand these things as well. 

also this week something funny.
i was on the bus and this kid comes up to me looks at me grabs my placka nd runs then chucks it out the window. luckly we were stopped and we could get off real quick and grab it. then we got back on and sat on the other side of the bus. he sits infront of me and i had to use my paticents not to do anything because he tried agian and all i di was just slap his hand away and then stare at him right in th eyes for a good 2 minutes. it was pretty funny afterwards. because we were on our way to district meeting and we told everyone what happened and they all said that was the first time they heard that happen.

and we helped a member put up dry wall in his house. (its like the only house here with it) andwe put itup on the ceiling and i had to hold it up with my neck. it was a really good neck work out.

and adam i was wearingmy jersey from la U and he said how do you know La U because he lived there for a little in chile. and i told him you went there for your mission.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

i have told you all about nacho before? well he is the son of a investagater. his mom is less active. well this is nacho he is 8 and has down syndron. but he is really great.

also our gas ran out and i was hungry so i used the iron to cook some pancakes.

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