Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014

this week we had stake conference with elder bednard and with hailstrom. it was a transmission. it is amzing that the things they talked about are the same things that president smith is teaching us. and it is a testament that they are feeling the sprit and being directed by it.

they talked alot about repentence and what it really means. its not just complying with the law but it is understanding why we are doing it and willingly doing it. also feeling bad that we didnt follow it before. 

this week we also did a open house tour thing. and we put a chalkboard outside saying mini tour. and then we talked to everyone walking by inviting them in. there is a bus stop infornt of our church. those are perfect because they cannot say that they have to go. they have to listen because they have to wait for the bus anyway. so it is super easy to talk to them and get a refence for us to go contact. or for them. 

also we have been working hard to work with members we had 15 hours. the mision goal is 12. the members help alot when they bear there testamonies. it is a great help and you all should try to do it as well

we are teaching a 8 year old that the parents are less active. and it is helping me simplify the message so that she can understand and that i can adapt that and so everyone will and can understand.

i have found me a new toy to do work outs. a box of book of mormons. its pretty heavy and works great for abbs and atomic neck i am planning on getting another one and tying rope on it and having dumbells

this week i was thinking on two thoughts one was how the spirit helps us. and how not having it hurts us in  helaman 4 24 it says 
24 And they saw that they had become weaklike unto theirbrethren, the Lamanites, and that the Spirit of the Lord did nomore preserve them; yea, it had withdrawn from them becausethe Spirit of the Lord doth not dwell in unholy temples
but they are weak becuase they dont have the spirit. it is true when we have the spirit we are so much stronger because the lord blesses us with strength and when we dont we are cursed with weakness.

my other thought was with miricles of christ and of angels. i was reading in ether and it says that the brother of jared saw christ for his faith. there are miricles happening all aroun the world everyday. we can see them. but everyone that saw angels and christ in the scriptures saw it for there faith and there worthyness. that is true. faith can break the veil.

we had a problem with adrian this last week. he was our investigater. with a bauptismal date for saturday. but he got in a fight with his wife and they seperated. and he left. so we lost him. but we are working hard with bruno to get him ready to be baptized.

yesterday was the independence day of uruguay. and it is funny a socer game is more importand and the people have for national pride. Socer Is King here.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


Monday, August 18, 2014

August 17, 2014

well this week was a little bit different we had an emergency run to the hospitle. all weekend my comp was a little bit sick with a cold. and then on wenseday morning he didnt get out of bed. and was super cold. and shivering. we called hermana smith to see what to do. we did the things she did but he didnt get better.  i gave him a blessing then i  wrapped him in blackets and hoped that would work. nothing. then finally at 10 the secrateries had to come home. (im living with them and they have a car) and we decided to run him to the hospitle because he was getting worse and worse. on our way we were flying down the streets of montivedeo. he was getting worse and worse his hands cramped up and went numb then his legs and his arms so he didnt have any movement in them at all. and his breathing was getting supper heavy. we finally got there and got out of the car and we had to then walk in the hospitle for about 150 yards the the E.R. and so i picked him up and carried in my arms all the way in. he is short but he is stocky. but we got him in the room. and they gave him an iv and some drugs to counter everything. his temp was up at 39.8 which is 103.7 it rose a ton in the car on our way. but after 3 hours he was back to normal minus stiill sick and super tired. so for the next two days we were stuck in the house. i tried to get people to go out and work but i couldnt get 2 members to do it at the same time. so what i did was i read. i started the book of mormon and read a chapter then did 10 reps of exercice. and then read a nother and then ten more. i did that for 3 days straight all day 9 until 9. i was super dead at the end of the day. but last week with extra reading at night and through lunch on friday and saturday i finish the book of mormon all the way through. there is some good stuff in there. and it is so frustrating in alma and in helaman and the beginig of 3rd nephi. why cant they both just be rightous at the same time. its either one or the other. and they are so zuick to forget.

but on friday i was able to get a corto plaso.(mini missionary) and we went out to work as my comp went with the secrataries because it was to cold for him to be out working. but we went worked all day. having only 5 days of work in my area it was a little confusing where everything was but i think i got it now. but i have come to love teaching the doctirine of christ. there is so much with it and is relatable to everyhitng. i gave a talk in it focusing in the sacrament and i had the stake president come up to me and said that was a really well given talk and i liked it alot. as well as less actives saying that they really needed to hear it. i have a challenge and a beleif for you all. it you really understand the doctine of christ you will never stop going to church for the rest of your life. you will never miss a week either.

this week we didnt work much but it was a good week. our investagater with a date for baptism didnt go to church because he had work. but he will continue to progress for the 30th we are praying that he will work for this date. and work to truely become converted.

we are still working hard to find. it is a never ending battle. we are also white washing the ward list. there are alot of people that moved and they moved about 10 years ago.

we are working hard  and the city is growing on me the busses are still nuts cause i cant see out the window because i am to tall so i dont know when to get off

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

this week was my first full week in my 2nd area. my comp is from peru. he is a conver aof a year and then left on the mission. he has a year in the mission now so he is relatively new in the church but he is really good.

as for the area it is really different then artigas. it was a huge shock at first for the first couple of days. we contact all day and we are fighting for lessons. we may have one lession that is planned for the day and the rest is contacting. trying to find people. it is discouraging at times. i have talked to a friend of mine in the mission because he was down for concilio of the zone leaders and he was in this area before. he said you just have to rely on the lord and you will see miricles. 

but yes it is the city and artigas are really different. the people are not as open as they are in artigas. but i haave come to love them already. i have been teaching this one family and they are the family cantero. they are a menos activo family and he is not a member. but he now has a bautismal date for the 30th of august i hope and pray that he will progress to that point. he has a 8 year old biy named nacho and he is a studd. he has down syndrom and he is awesome. he salutes us like we are military men. he is such a blessing to there family. they love him.

seeing nacho and me reading a liahona that has a section on abortion and one point was that you shouldnt do it if you know there will be defects in the baby. i can see the joy that they are experiencing because they have him. it is a testament that it is true, families bring happiness. no matter what trial.

also we went to make a visit and give the sacrament to a lady in a retirement home. she is confined to a wheel chair. and she cant go to church. so we went to give her the sacrament. the joy she had form a little visit and the sacrament is really amazing. it is true how much it gives. she said that she had been sad. but after she took it she was really happy. i could she it in her. and it made me happy as well

this area is a lot different and it will be a learning expeirence for me in how to contact and fight for people to teach because they are hard and few between. 

something cool about my area we have a huge cathidrol in it and we visit it today. it is on top of a little hill and looks over the city.  

also we have the white house of uruguay in our area. it is the house of the president of uruguay.

love you all

Elder Pulsipher


Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

this last week was a little crazy but good.

i left artigas and then i went to rivera for the week because the fireside in the oeste stake. my comp for the week was elder fonbates he has 2 changes but he is doing it as a miny mission waitiong on his call. so i was the senior comp for the week and i did really good. i found this guy who was so sad and he didnt know what to do in his life his wife left and was being a prostitute and he had little to no money to support his kids and he was super sad for the last 5 years. then we talk to him and we asked to share something. he said thats fine. ...can we go inside. ....no right here is just fine. so we said a prayer and started to teach. then after about 5 minutes he started to feel something and said yeah come on in. so we started over and he said he felt a change in his life right away. he then told us his story and we tried to help as much as we could in that time. we had to leave to a different lesson. so we asked if we could come back tommorrow and talk some more. the next day we went with the releif socciety president the this lession. and we taught him a lession on faith in christ. he had told us that he beleives in christ but has no faith because God hasnt not answered one of his prayers. the releif socciety pressident shared her testimony on how one of her prayers where answered. then i told luis (the investigater) God has answered one of your prayes. he sent us to help you. he sent us to help you have hapieness and joy that you have been seeking. after that he changed completly he was going along with all the compromissios that we gave him. at the end of that lession he asked for us to come back again the next day and to teach me because i feel something powerfull in your message. so we went back the next morning like he asked and we taught him the restoration and finnished it 2 comittmnents the first was to go to church to take the sacrament. and he glady accepted. the second was to get baptized on the 30th of august and he gladly accepted that one too. it was such a great blessing to meet that man for the 3 days i was in rievera.

 another miricle in reivera was that elder bulloch who was living with me in artigas, had an inavestigater that was progressing and then out of the blue the husband died and she moved to reivera and then the missionaries lost touch with her.( about 6 weeks ago). i just happened to run into her neighbhor that is a menos activo and she said she remebered my face from artigas. latter she told me how mikaia is he neighbor and that she was in artigas i was so happy that i could find her there. it was a miricle that i was sent there to that area to help her out she is comitted to go to church as well as the neighabors. 

i am in montivedo now and i am living with the secrataries so we have a car to ago to church. so that is awesome. baut the city is so much bigger and more people. i am on the 8th floor in my appartment building and there are no cows walking in front of my house. it is alot different.but it will be supper fun. my comp is supper small so it is funny.
basically lala. she is the exact same personality too

it was a hamburger then i ate it all

Love Elder Pulsipher