Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

this week we had divisions withe the assitents. since we are 5 hours from where they live they both came out here and spent the night and we both worked in the same area. so we double planned for the area. i was with elder trucalo from argentina. he was the assitent with elder staffieri. he is also a professional soccer player. so we had some athletisism in the companionship. 

when i went on divisions with a district leader last week i didnt know what to teach. so i started out with asking them how there reading was what they had learned. we opened up and they shared what they liked from it and then from there it turned into a discussion based lesson. it was super spiritual and we were able to pinpoint there needs and then let the spirit take over. and then we were also able to go ful circle and relate it to what they had studied in there own studies. after that i tried it with my Companion and we loved it because we had the spirit testifing with so much power that they were telling us what they needed to fixx and what they needed to do better. 
we continued doing it and everytime we found there doubts and there problems and they turned into some of the most powerfull and spiritual lessons i have had in my mission. but i know we can only do that in our companionship because we have done our companion studies and we have practiced with eachother in teaching with eachother. we know where we are going with things.
it is turning into, instead of teaching a lesson. have a study with the menos acticvo or the active member. and if they arent ready then we just found the problem.

something that i learned i had learned in one of these ¨studies¨or lessons was with alma 13 22-24 and i conected it to D and C 84:25-26 i conected them because i man had just received the aaronic priesthood but didnt understand the gathering of isreal. so i though what could we do. teach him about the gathering, or his roles as a aaronic preisthood holder.... or the both of the at the same time. and those two scriptures popped into my head. who are the ministring angels... the aaronic priesthood holders. and what do the angels do. that share the gospel and they prepare the hearts of the people. where was this man called to be an aaronic priesthood holder.. in this street. they just fit so perfectly. this has helpèd now quite a few understand there part in the gathering of isreal. all melcesidek priesthood holders are also aaronic preisthood holders. 

everyday we are called by the lord to open our mouths and talk to people to help them out. to prepare there hearts to receive the gospel of christ. not only missionaries but also members. all priesthood holders. all endowed members of the church as well.

this week we also had lunch in a place that is a 30 minute bike ride. and right as we left a huge storm rolled in and we got drenched and all muddied up. but its all good the life of a missionary

we have been working out all the time we are lifting every morning and everynight for an hour each. so 2 everyday. we have this well  in our back yard and we are  using it for burpie box jumps. 

and of course we are still doing an hour and a half of yoga every monday morning. its getting harder as my abbs and chest and legs are getting bigger but its good to keep working with it.
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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