Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

this week in the new area we went around getting to know everyone. the ward has alot of potential. and we are super happy. they just need a little push. the leaders in the ward want to work. we talked with the stake president because he belongs to that ward and he went there just to be with us. he is an awsome guy. we talked with him and we both came to the conclusion that we are going to start over. we are happy about it though. the area book is basically empty or really old. i think we will just start 100 percent over. we have a ward list and we have been contacting like crazy. we are working really hard. we are teaching everyone here the doctrine of christ. there is a ton of part member families. we were looking and the word is bad but the idea is right. easy pickings., or a better phrase the fruit is ripe. there are alot that are really close to baptism. so i hope with dilligence and obidience we will be able to harvest this area. 

we have concilio tommorrow so that will be interesting on what we will learn and apply for the zone.

and saturday night i got a call from hermana smith at like 1015 she said that she was talking with chelse. they went to the scrimage and said that  pulsipher was all over the place. she said when did elder pulsipher get home. because she came out here for thanksgiving last year and we had a fireside with them. luckly i was in montevideo and was able to go. and she thought i was adam. so she call hermana smith and said that ëlder Pulsipher¨was all tearing it up. she was able to tell her nope thats his brother. Elder Pulsipher Goes home in December. but she called me just to tell me that. and that adam was doing really good at  the scrimage. i completly forgot that fall camp had already started. it was funny though she called and said.¨i just wanted to call you and tell you that, i even got permision from The Preident¨ and then he talked to me about the zone and how everything was going...... Got to love Hermana Smith.

this week for yoga i was doing sitting hamstring stretch and i put 6 Book of mormons on my feet and then rapped my hands around that and was touching fingertip to fingertip. so i am happy about that. and we are on bikes here so my legs are getting bigger. i am going to start focussing in now on power things. 

but this week we had success with leading and guiding members to know the truth. we are helping people understand for them selfs. asking them what they need to do better. and they through it on the table. it works like magic. i feel like this will  be a very good change. i am killing my comp this change. he is happy that we can have a blast and work our butts off this last change. 

i hope all is going well at home and with school stating back up. 

we had someone from our ward that came home from cuba. she was studdying there and finished up she is now a general surgeon. it is a huge deal here. the entire city of tacuerembo is happy for her and that now there is one more doctor that will help all of the nothern half of uruguay.

Elder Pulsipher


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