Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

this week we found alot of people that are part member families. they also have desires to return to the church. the only hicup is that in the area that we are in right now, no one gets married. so we are workig super hard for the people to say ok we have to get married. and not us the missionaries demanding that they get married. so we are just guiding them and helping them come to the conclusion that they have to do it in order to progress. 
with 2 of them they have come to that conclusion already. 

one of which is luciana. we have given the comitment to her to pray and fast and get a day for her baptism. they arent married and she said we need to get married first. and we asked her to pray and fast for a date. and if the Lord tells you a date everything will fall in place. because here
it can take a while sometimes to get married. but sometimes it will come within a day or two. so we are helping them look for the will of God. and then they will follow it. and they will strive to acheive there goal that God gave them.

we are trying to help the people receive more of there own revelation and we feel that it is working well to help the people Acheive the salvation. and to also help other people along the way.

we also had stake conference this last sunday. we had a good turn out and it was a video brodcast from salt lake. elder Cook Spoke and elder Hales and sister Marriot and richard g maines all spoke. we also heard from our stake president and also from Elder Gonzalez. the president of south america sur. it is super interesting with technology now. becuase the speakers spoke from 3 different pulpets in three different churches. it is amazing how much the church is growing and progressing with the technology. and the even crazzier thing is that each person talked on the same exact thing. and none of it was planned. our stake president and the area president didnt even know who was going to be speakig.

but everyone spoke on missionary work and also on the sabbith day. they hit that very hard. it was also a spiritual testament to her elder cook talk about what i had studied in 3 nefi 17 he spoke on that chapter. it was a cool experience to know my understanding of it came from above, and the lord wants everyone to understand the things that are found within this chapter

last week pte canceled the interveiws and changed them to the 10th of september. he had to stay in montevideo and couldnt make it out.

1. training table
       me and my comps workout food
2. out of our front pourch
Elder Pulsipher


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