Monday, July 27, 2015

July 28, 2015

yesterday we had 2 meetings. one with the ward mission leaders of the stake and we capacitated them for a hour and a half on how to run the plan that is taking place here in south america. every ward was doing it in there own personal way. and so we got everyward running on the same page in the stake. and i t is set up in a way for all the wards to be able to be auto sufficient with the plan. and not get lazy with it.

right afterward we capacitated the sumo conceo on the same exact thing. so now the stake will be running alot smoother and without hicups.

speaking of this plan we had one of our first miricles. as we know in john 21 with the appstles fishiing if we try to do it in our own way there will be no results. but when we through our nets to the right. or the right way. or the way of the lord we will recieve all the blessings that the lord has for us. 

if you remeber 2 weeks ago i mention a lady that was really angry with the church and she didnt want anything. she had been intative for the last 9 years and has never gone to church in that time..... we put here on the list for the plan that we just got rowlling in this ward.. and she showed up to church at of the blue. she came in and apolagized for being rude to us and that she is ready to repeant and come back to the church.. if we do it in the lords way miricles take place

this week we were also able to help out a companionship that was fighting. they had never gotten along all change. i am looking back and i am blessed to been able to have had 4 straight changes in a row of helping animate my comp. (during those changes they just wanted to go home) but i was able to learn and grow to be able to help them out. after the meeting with the comp that was disanimateed we all left the comps made up and my comp asked me how i did that. i need to change from a math and science major to a cominicater and a motivater becasue i did it so well.

i feel it is a masive blessing that the lord has given me. it was some of the hardest 4 changes of my mission but i grew so much.

i love you all and keep working.

adam one of the ward mission leaders here in tacuerembo went to your misison. he remembers you. his name is elder alvez.

he said you were a beast and worked your butt off.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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