Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

concilio was great we dug down and looked at why we werent having success. and the key thing was the following bad belifs that the mission has.
1. we have a key indicator. new investagators with member ( we only count new investagators if members are with us)
                   the bad belief or culture is that we dont find unless we have a member with us. and we dont contact either. 
  it was funny i was sitting and people were skirting that reason. they would give any other reason or excuse. and then after about  5 minutes of them trying to explain why the numbers were so low. i said the beleif the mission has made. and president was kinda releived someone said it. he said thank you and for that we are taking away this key indicator. we will no longer have news with members. he said it was his favorite but it was hurting in final.

and then as it continue. we hit another. and i think i learned this from dad. i am not afraid to touch the topics people dont like to touch. you might as just take the bull by the horns.

next one is that the missionaries are not living there purposes baptizing. they are more focused on less active and not worring about baptism. but what is our purpose as missionaries. D and C 42. to Baptize. and once again. president was thankful some one would say that. we have changed our foucus with all the things we are doing in the mission. we are now focussing on our true responsibility. even i have to change.
the entire mission as a whole. even president fell off track. we were so focused in on the memebers. and yes we helped them alot but i feel that this change will help out uruguay.

somehting i was studying was in 3 nefi 17. it is super interesting. i love it. it is interesting how many times christ says i have to go. but yet he continues to help them. i love this do you have any sick people. bring them i will heal them. and it goes to say those that are already healed and those that got healed rejoiced. and it could be of any afliction. with the aflictions we bring to christ. he will heal. those that we dont. or we dont confess will not be healed. and then he brought the children to him. and it was very powerfull what he did with them and then he said i have to go. and then he continued. and then with the most powerfull thing i feal that he could of ever done. he new they were sinners. he knew they werent perfect so he established a way to  make more coventents with him and to repeant. he established the sacrament. and he gave it to them to learn and to testify to the father. or the judge. that they remember christ. and they are willing to follow him. and he did this all out of compassion. but what does compassion mean. to suffer with someone. to understand some one to have missery for one another. it made me thing. and i want you all to think, do you have compasion. do i have it. even though my time is short. even though i will have to run instead of walk. even though i will miss the first part of my favorite tv show or miss the first part of the football game. am i doing everything i can to be like christ and to do more. am i giving up my personal desires to do those of christ. am i helping those in need. am i holding the door open for others. am i serving those in need. am i sharing t he gospel. 

thats awesome that i am as a missionary. but am i as a member of the church when i get home. am i really following the example of christ. 
home teaching
church meetings.
     how do i serve. do i do as much as i am physically capable.
what do i do if i have free time.
     what would christ do.

i have truely learned what compassion is this week in the scriptures. and i have been able to aply it in my life.

and then in 3 nefi 18 at the end of the chapter it says i have to go. its for your own benifit. and i made me think why. its so they could grow and show faith in what they have learned. i feel like i could give a 5 hour capasitation in just using the 2 chapters. 17 and 18. there is so much in there.

also i am helping my comp with his aplication to byu. he is a convert and lives in arkansas. his parents arent members and hes working on them. and hes asking them if he can go to byu right now. so we will see how this goes

Elder Pulsipher


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