Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015

this last week on Tuseday we got a call From the assistents and they told us our changes. they were special changes. i got moved to a different ward in the zone. the ward that  had the missionaries that had some problems. i went there to the matutina and then we were also told that i would be staying there for the next change as well.

so this last week was interesting. i dont want to sound pridefull or boastfull. but it makes a huge difference when you are with someone that wants it jusst as bad as you do. but it made me think of the phrase or idea of surounding yourself with greatness. it is something that i will do. i made a commitment with that. i do not like being around underacheivers. 

but this week coming up we are going to have to hit the reset button on the area. because it needs to get redone. it has been over a year since it has been worked like it should be. it has potential. so we will go out there and kill it.

on saturday we had a capacitaion with all of the ward councils of south america. it was via satalite. and they hammered in the idea of jovenes. and of home teaching. it was a good capacitation and i learned alot of things that i want to apply here in the missiona as well as when i get home. 

tonight we are helping with all the changes. we got lucky. we have 4 people leaving at 215 and then 1 more at 720. so we can sleep a couple hours go and then sleep some more. and then the pleple come in at 330 and 11130. and we also have to move houses. but there is another missionary in my group. he is here in t-BO right now and he is going to the zone of oest. where the major buss terminal is. we told him good luck. there in that zone they have to be at the terminal from 1230 in the morning until 12 at night. making sure everything goes smooth. so we are luck out here.

this last week we also got dumped on with rain.  3 days in a row. so everything was soaked in water. i love the rain... if i have a car. walking is ok. bikes are horrible. there is no winning with bikes. you cant even see with the rain.

a tool that we are getting down with our teaching is to ask the person what is the spirit testifing to them in that very moment. asking them what they need to do better. and then we say we dont want to know but will you make a covenent with God to do the things that the spirit is telling you to do.

Elder Pulsipher


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