Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015

today i was able to go to the temple and that was a great experience i was able to think alot on what is the sacrafice and what does that mean to us.

and this week we have chnages and i am going to the department tacuarembó. my ward is called los tores. i am going to be zone leader there with elder Woodcock. we have been together before in the same district. and he has been comps of my comps. so this will be alot of fun and a great learning experience. i was just thinking of who my companions have been and 7 out of the 10 have or are zone leaders. and the 3 that arent have under 8 months. so i was thinking i have been very blessed by the quality of my companions. 

since i am district leader and i had 8 elders in my district i was able to do alot of divisions this last change. in total i did 10 with the zone leaders and with my district. i love them. i get to learn alot and i get to work with others and help them and there area. however it was nice this last week to have a week with out divisions to focus in on my area and helping my comp grow. 

this last week we focused in on cleaning up the ward list. we found and have taken of 25 names. and with that we have found many new people to teach. in our ward there was alot of closing and opening areas about 8 months ago and there was alot of families that had been forgoten about and not been taught. we found one. they were just about to get sealed and then stopped going. they have 2 daughters 1 19 and one is 16. the daughter that is 19 years old is a member and the one that is 16 is not. so this will be a perfect family to work with. a sealing a a baptism. is that not what the lord wants. and the funny thing about this family is we went about 2 months ago with a member. we had taught the gathering of isreal and we gone with them. however they were not there and we failed to follow up. got do do your follow ups.

this ward that i am in was a fun ward to be in. i learned alot about how the church works and the best way of doing things. i learned how to work with different types of leaders and have patcience with those that are a little different.

but i am looking forward to grow and lengthen my stride as a zone leader.

i Love you all and congrats adam and makenzi for getting married.

Elder Pulsipher
P.S. oh i got good news. i am up to 245 already. i have gained 15 pounds since mothers day and i am loosing fat as well. so this is good. i still got alot of way to go.
P.S.S. hey adam i dont apreciate the fowl play from chile


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