Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

this week was a good week of work. i went on divisions 2 different times. one with the zone leaders and one with elder sosa.

this week with the obidience problems we went to check how they were doing. so we woke up at 530 got dressed and headed on over to there house. i was with the zone leaders at the time. and we walked in and 2 out of the 3 that had problems were doing exersices. so they had repeanted and changed. however there was one that was still in bed. and he had his blanket over his head. well you should of seen his face when we knudged him and he saw us. he froze for about 5 seconds and then said his stomache was hurting. we were able to talk with him and get him back on track.

so this week we were working alot with members and it paid out. we had 3 news and then we had people with fecha now. so this was a good week.

we have the wife of hermano da cuña and she is progressing very well.

we have alot of other less actives progressing as well. we were able to sit down with the bishop and the ward mission leader and show them the grapghs of the ward and how everything was going. and we noticed that the attendence was going down but the less active(members progresando) that were at church was going up. so the actives were failing. so we left with that in our minds. and then our bishop went to a stake capacitation were they talked about the doctirne of christ and he got his answer. he had a change of heart. he knew the problem. we knew the answer. but he then got his answer and was converted. he told us that we needed to now go and teach all the members the doctirne.

today we went and visited alot of the old downtown montevideo and it was super nice. it is really really different from the rest of montevideo.

this week we have interveiws with pte. 

i love you all
Elder Pulsipher 

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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