Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

this week we were working with the ward and they are starting to not only get the picture but now do it. they are finally starting to study the gathering of isreal. one that we taught that was super easy and it works is alma 13 22-24 and it talks about how it is our reponsibility as members to find and prepare the hearts of the people. and something i was thinking about as i taught it was. well christ nows his sheep. he knows each and everyone of them.... well are we not the ¨lords¨or servents for our own vinyard of our our street. thats were we live. its where we were sent to work for the lord. we dont just live were we live for a reason. we have been setting up with every member to get to know there vinyard. and not just KNow them but know everything about them. where they work what they do fo fun. how old they are. how many kids they have and there ages. if they have family member serving in the military. if all the basic knowledge is not first obtained, how are you going to be able to receive revelation to help them out. so every member has a map of there street and it has a block for each house and a  spot to fill in all the information. and them as a family are praying upon this list daily. and they will search for ways to help these children of God out. it is something very easy and it is honestly a question of faith. do you have enough faith to work in the lords vineyard. if they do they make the map and we follow up on them and then they pray and start to work and receive miricles. nbut it starts with working.

yesterday was alson my comps birthday. and for his birthday we covered his face with dulce de leche and then flour. its a funny tradition they have here. for the 15th birthday of the girls they through anything and everything at them. you name it. to the poin that they dump paint of them and eggs and corn mill and milk and yogurt and anything and everything. you name it

this week in my district meeting i was teaching a mini lession on tithing, because i learned on divisions that a majority did not understand how to teach it. and i was reading and teaching for 3 nefi 24 7-12 and i read 10 an i could saying anything except for ¨i can not wiat to pay my tithing. i can not wait to go home and get an income and pay my tithing¨ but i really cant. there are so many blessings from it. i was talking to our elders quorme president about that at lunch and he said it is so true there are blessings that missiononarys dont and cant obtain. however they also have different blessing that normal members cant obtain. 

we had a man that moved in our ward. he is already sealled has his family history all done. he is just inactive for his ankle being messed up. his wife has already passed away. and he lives with his daughter. she is a member. however she doesnt want anything at all with the church. to the poin now were we cant even visit him anymore because she wont allow it. however he is best friends with the stake patriarce (who is also a sealler in the temple) so we informed him that he is now in the ward and i feel he is in good hands and that things will be taken care of very quickly.

this is the paiva family. they are from artigas 2. thats were i started. but they moved here to montivedeo 225 years ago.
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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