Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

this week we were working with the members but more with the leaders of the ward. we have been teaching them alot concerning the Gathering of isreal. it was a good time to let them understand what we have been learning.

we had interveiws with president this week and they went very well. we started with a capacitation by him. he taught alot about how to teach with memorized scriptures. and he showed us an example. it works very very very well. he taught about the if there is no law there is no happiness and ....... there is no God. is that not the plan of satin. to not have a law. there is no law of chasity.... it was very insitefull. 

after that the 3 district leaders and our comps were able to teach the gathering of isreal. what we did was divide in districts and then we taught it to my district. we taught for 15 minutes. and it felt like i finished in the name of jesus christ amen. ran over to the next room (it had a different district)  and said ok we are going to read in 1 nefi 22. and we did that 3 times. so a total of 45 minutes of go go go go go go go go teach teach teach teach. i learned alot from the experience and it helped me to fix the little things.

but when we went to the room that president was in he was filming it. i want to get a hold of that video. because the lession that i taught was really good. 
after we taught the 3 districts we came back together and we got feedback on what we did good and what we could of done better. and it was interesting to see that what i taught made missionaries think and have desires to invite there friends because they feared for there salvation.

during the interveiw we talked alot about helping others out in the district. then at the end he told me that i love your teaching. i am a real fan of it and the way you manifest the spirit during the lessions is amazing. and i want you to be able to help more and more people with that. so this next change you will be a zone leader.

this week we had lunch with our bishop and afterwards he asked if we could share a scripture. so i taught 3 nephi 10 4-8. afterwards he asked me if i could give a talk in church on what i taught him. (i had been wanting to give a talk my whole time here) and he finally asked. the talk went really well. i went up there and i hadnt thought much of it out. i knew where i wanted to go and i knew what scripture i wanted to start with. and i just relied on what i had studied and where the spirit led me. and the talk went very well and it effected alot of the people that were following along with the talk

i am learning alot of things. alot of life lession things. i am thinking about what mom always says. 3 three levels of hell when you get home from the mission. i hope that that wont pass over me too when i get home. 

adam thats awesome that you are going to get sealled this next week. thats awesome. keep it up-

Elder Pulsipher


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