Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

i am now in tacurembo i am her with elder woodcock. he has been comps with some of my comps so it was cool to talk about past bolasos that our comps did for fun in the mission. 
our ward is a good sized ward there is about 100 to 115 in the attendence. so it is one of my biggest wards and it is my first ward that we are the only missionaries in it

in our ward we have all of the southern half of tacuerembo. we have a few pueblitos that are super far away that have members in it as well. and they come in every sunday for church.

we have bikes in our area so we are booking it abound everywhere we go. i was pretty sore the first couple days but now i am goetting used to it and its super effective. we have been able to triple the work load with the bikes. 

we have been working alot with the members to understand the purpose as members in respect to the gathering of isreal. they were all called to there street do efect a work. they are Gods servents in this part of his vineyard. 

its very interesting to think about the alagorey of the olive tree in respect to the gathering of isreal. Adam i will send you the 10 questions i promised on mothers day next week. i finally got a hold of them.

but it is super pòwerfull to know the plan that god has for us. one that he has always had with us. and goes back all the way to the time of abraham. 

tonight we are going to leave to montevideo for concilio. we have it tommorrow. to prepare for it we were to study the relation of christ and The Father in the book of john. it is a very interesting relationship. the importance of having a christ and the how God could not do the attonement because it would take away of the the law and justice and mercey. and if they break that they would seize to be a GOD. it is very interesting to think how that could be. but then we think well they once where what we now are and they are what we will become. we are continually progressing and learning even when we come to that point in our progression. we are constantly learning. there is no end. 

so how important are our desisions that we make

below is me and my comp. we rode out to a pueblito for a visit

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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