Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

this week was a interseting week with my district.

in my district there is 8 people in total. so it is me and my comp and the other 2 in our ward and then we have a nother ward that has 4 elders in it. i went on divisions with elder crocket and he has been strugling with his comp. he has one change more then me. mom you know how you always said there is always 100 percent in a companionship. its either 100 and 0 or 25 and 75 or 550 50. one awesome elder and one dud. so thats the situation and he was assigned to help this elder change. so for the last change and a half  elder crocket hasnt had a awesome day. i went in blind to most of the problems. but we went out and worked in his area and we had 7 lessions and found 3 people and gave 2 people baptism dates. it was a awesome day. and it really animated him. however he told me that the other 2 elders in his house have obidience problems and his comp goes with them.and and disobidient. i did not know how bad it was. and of the things that he told me as well and the things that i saw. i wrote down everthing that i saw wrong. it came out to a list of 20 major things. the first of which was wakeing up on time. i then tlaked with the zone leaders about it and they said that is a huge problem because the elders that were being dissobidient were training. so tjat needs to be changed right now. just by chance we had a zone capacitation the next day. the zone leaders had just gone to the concilio with presiident. and president being super inspired had already talked about many of the problems that we were having. the the zone leaders emfizized those points. and then we were able to talk to them individually afterwards. i have planned to do divisions with these elders this week so i hope i can help them out. because there area is strugling as well.

so other then that we have been woking hard. we have finally gained some trust with the bishopric. he set out a huge task for us. he gave us 15 names that he wanted  us to reactivate and if we could get them back to church as soon as posible so they could have an interveiw with bishop and start progressing. he was expecting maybe 5 there for interveiws. we showed up to church and we had 12 there. and we told him good luck haha. so he had tons of them to do but he finally saw that we are here to work. and now they are more willing to help us with things and work with us.

this week we had to stop miriujm and rosana from fighting. that was interesting. they wer yelling at eachother and rosana was balling and screaming. so we had no idea what to do. so we jut started singing. the song ended and then we started to talk and 2 seconds in then went off again. so we instantly started a different song. and kept going and going and after 7 hymns they had finnly calmed down. and they were in different rooms now. so we could talk individually. with the  mom we asked her five things that her daughter does for her and then we asked the same of the daughter and somehow. i dont know how, but we left and they were really happy and had no intentions of fight. me and my comp left and then in the street we said pound it. we just stopped world war 3.

i have been studing the plan of salvation alot latley. i have not been trying to but everything i read had things about the judgment in it. i guess i needed to learn about that. and then on friday night i was on divisions. i was with someone in his 2nd change and he said he was going to teach a story about the plan of salvation. and so he went and then he asked me to take over. and i was able to teach this family that has been active for the last 9 months preparing for the temple the plan of salvation in a way of how important things we do and how big this plan is and the things that are waiting for us after this life. it was an awesome experience

and then last night we were with our ward mission leader and he had gotten in an argument with a member. and i was able to teach him heleman 3 30 to 35

and the major thing with that is the remady to pride is fasting and pray and it is so truye.

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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