Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

so yesterday we had a meeting with the ward mission learder in the church at 730. we get there at 715 and there was someone knocking on the door. and we came up and he asked what was the street name. and he told us there was a guy having a seizure in front of the church. so we told him the name and then hit the door bell (because there was an activity happening in the church, new beginings i think) and then the bishops wife came down. we told her and then the bishop came down as well. and we were able to go out and help the guy. the other people that were helping him were just random people on the street as well. but we were able to get him blankets from the church and then hold him down so he didnt bang his head on the concrete. the ambulance system does not work all that well here. they called 3 times and no one came. so they called the police. and they showed up. we told them the situation. and they said well, we can take him to the hositle. so we picked him up and tossed him in the back of the car. as we left we picked up the extra blankets and things and found a coke bottle. andrew and adam you guys would know what the coke bottle would be filled with(from experiences from your mission). but it was good that we were able shouw up early to help him out even if it was just holding him down and getting him blankets. because we got there like 30 seconds after it all started. i have come to appriciate when people are early. and the guayan way is to be late. like later then mormon standard time.

this last change we have been working with a lady named mirium(75). and she is crazy. but we have now gotten to the point were we can have a spiritual lession with her. she has made alot of progress. she hasnt missed a single week. and the bishop is now thinking about giving her a limited use temple recomond. so she is progressing a ton. now to work with her daughter(38). she is still crazy. to the point we asked her to read a scripture and then she started laughing really really hard and it wasnt over anything. we had a little laugh afterwards and said she is like the joker. but we are going to have patcience with here  and help her along the way to. she has lots to do. on is to start controling her body wieght. she is up around 120 kilos. but the spirit is starting to work on her. i would consider it a miricle on what is happening with mirium and now we will just wait for her daughter

i was studying in helaman 11 and i was thinking to myself, why would the lord do that. why would he poke the bear and make them fight. he knew that that would be the outcome if he gave nephi that power and responsibility.
but then i thought for the reason. the lord wants to bless us. he wants to so bad that he will make wars and famines just to humble his people so they will open there eyes and let God bless them. for example with the alagory of the olive tree he cut the dead branches off. and burned them. so God will take action to agrivate his children that need to be humbled. and then once they have gotten frustrated enough, they open there eyes.

God could of waited 15 years for them to follow there path and end up fighting in the end. but God wants things done now. and what he wants he gets. and in a matter of 5 years the entire city turned there hearts to God and then were able to receive blessings.

as a zone we have been working to get everyone more focused on there work. we have been focusing on looking at there success with graghs. so everone will start to make graphs of there areas and there numbers to see what they need to focus in on. this will help them be more self suficcient. and be able to work hard in all the things that they need to.

i have been working hard with p90x. yoga is a real but kicker. i finished the video and it ends with oommms. like the budah meditation thing. and i was doing them and my comp walked in. that was kinda funny because he started cracking up.

i dont think i mentioned, maybe i did but my comp is cousins with me. his 5th great grandpa is zera pulsipher

well i love you all keep working hard

Elder Pulsipher


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