Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 2, 2015

this week we had a little bit different week because of changes. monday we cleaned the house and then tuseday was p day. and then weseday we were helping with changes because we live 3 streets from the termanal. so we had a night were i went to sleep with just 2 extra people in my house and then i woke up with 10 extra in my house in the morning. and alot of them were gringo. so we made a bunch of pancakes.  as the week went onon thurseday there was a huge storm on thurseday. not as big as the one 2 months ago. but it was big enogh where they told us to get in a house. and then the same thing happened the next day. so we had a lot of storms this last week.

as wellas we have facundo. this kid is so awesome. he is 14 and turns 15 in a month. he is already in 1 nephi 15 and we have been teaching him for a little over a month. he has goneto every mutual that the ward has had and  the church. he also signed up for seminary. he is basically a member without being a member. but he is getting baptized this week. and what is awesome with him we found his cousin this last week and his family. so he is just the tip of the iceburg for baptisms in his family. i see that there is 5 more waiting to be baptized in that house.

this week we had 95 in the church which is 20 higher then our normal which is really good for our ward. we have worked alot and it is showing. our ward is 15 streets for 10 streets. and then half of it is all shops so we dont have all that many people. but we are working really hard with what we have. and if you work really hard you can get success with all the work. and if you focus you can have success.

this last week in studies i had studied alot more in the gathering of the house of isreal and something i really liked is we can only be in the house of isreal if we make covenents. and the first one we make is baptism. and the last is sealling with the sacrament mixed in there. but with the people that have not entered into the house how can they be save. well baptism of the dead. were do they get baptized. in the temple. what is holding up the 12 oxen. and they are signifing the 12 tribes. so when some one is baptized and litterly go under the water they will litteraly enter into the house of isreal. and they will gather in the house. it is something that i liked. 

as i am studing the scriptures i am able to find this gathering of isreal. and the other day in the night staffieri gave me a call. he is doing awesome and i  miss him but we were able to talk about what we were studding and we were in the same chapter in the book of mormon. mosiah 5 and something we talked about was verse 7 and 8. read it. we dont have the name of christ untill we take it upon us and we are covenent people. and not even then. we have to choose to axcept the name of christ on us.

today we made cinnomon rolls. and por fin. they looked like the ones that mom makes. they rose up with the volcano in the middle.

well i love you all and hope you are all doing great

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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