Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

this week we had a baptism of facundo. he is an awesome kid. his mom and all his cousins were able to go. and they all felt the spirit very strong. none of them are members. 
his mom was able to really feel the spirit and know that what his son was doing was the right thing. and she has seen a difference in her home and in his life like a night and day. she is excepted to go to church and is going every week now. and she will hopefully get baptized before conference. but if the lord really wants here to be able to watch conference and gain a testimony that we have a profet on the earth that will be ok as well.

this week i have been studing in mosiah. it has a lot of good principles in it. in chapter 5 i liked how it teaches is to take the name of christ upon us. and in 9-10 it teaches us to not hold grudges that will offend us. if we do we die spiritually like the lamenites did.

we are working hard the both of us. this is helping the area alot. the area is going well we have a lot of the members that were just ¨active¨ now they are progressing active members. for example. they didnt have a current recomend. they need to advance in the priesthood. aaronic to melkezidic. or that just havent gone to the temple in the last 6 months. our bishop has asked us to work with them. people that go everyweek. but they dont do everything that they need to.

we have also been able to work alot with members. that has helped alot with the people growing. with me and my comp we have lead the zone in numbers for the last 4 weeks. we are doing awesome. 
the zone leaders got a call last week and they told us president called them and he has to close 6 more areas in the mission for lack of missionaries. salt lake is shrinking the missions down to 200 we had 250. so that meens that he had to close 25 areas. he already closed 2 here in rivera. he has to close 2 to 3 in every zone. we are the only remaining ward in the zone with 2 sets of missionaries. so logically they would close our area or the sisters in our ward. however our two areas are the best numbers in the entire zone. we have been doing awesome the both of us. in total this year there have been 6 baptisms weather from the ward or missionaries in the our ward. so pte said nope i dont think that would be smart to take them out of there. 

we are working hard and seeing alot of blessings. the lord is helping us out when we work hard

love you all
Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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