Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

this last week i was able to go on divisions 2 times. once within my district and once with the zone leaders. the one with the elders in my district was very interesting. i learned very quickly why they were struging with in there area. they had been seeing spirits in there house. and then they fixed the problem. but then they kept talking about it and teaching it to the members. well there bishop found out the very next day and it got to president and yeah they packed up there things and left the very next buss to montivideo. so just note to missionionaries all around the world. you are there to teach the restored gospel and the invite all to come to christ through faith repentance baptism holy gohst and enduring to the end. just stick that that. 

the other divisions went well. i am pretty gratefull for my ward. we have lunch everyday and really good lunch as well. the area i went to never has lunch. ....ever. so we made lunch to eat.

there was a baptism in our ward this last week. her name is stephania and she is 22 years old. and i gave the interview. it was a cool experience. because she had lied to the sisters before the interveiw about having a problem with question 4. and she told the sisters 5 minutes before the interview. and lucky for here she was able to confess it to me and to president that. she is now 100 percent clean and pure. in the interveiw she started out timid and then she changed to feeling the spirit. and in the interview she was amost begging to be baptized. it is a spiritual experience when people tell you they need to be baptized so they can be pure and clean of all there past sinns and so they can continue growing and strengthening themselves in there lives.

the next day she was baptized when she came out of the water she new she was clean and she felt the spirit very strong. she and the person that baptized her were both crying

so what is something that i got from all of that. if there is something you need to talk to the bishop about. ...DO IT. dont hold it in. whats the worst thats gonna happen. just go humbly and the lord wh bless you and take away all your sins and remember them no more.

about 3 weeeks ago there was an investagater of 35 years that out of the blue said she was going to get baptized. just like the one that you had in the ward at home. at the end of the year. it crept up like nothing the sisters didnt even know until the day before the baptism. well yesterday she died. it was a cool thing to watch. she had been waiting so long to get baptized. and then at her baptism she bore her testimony of how she knows that HOY ES EL DIA and that AHORA ES EL MOMENTO. (today is the day and now is the time) (they are two huge sayings that we have) and that she knew she needed to get baptized at that point. and that just 3 weeks later she pased away. it is a grand testimony that HOY es EL DIA. es EL momento también. dont stop work hard do everything you can do to save the people today and dont wait for tomorrow. you never know it might not come. repeant now. somone that comes to my mind now is WENDI PLANTIER and here family. go back to church if your not there. get you kyle and traves baptized if there not yet baptized. rey get baptized as well. i know you know it will bless your lives just like it has blessed the life of this lady here. and it has blessed mine.

this next week coming up. s not this week but next week we are going to have a mini mission here in rivera. so everyone will have a priest from the stake and they will be our comp for the week. so this will be a fun experience to help them out.

also for mutual this week we helped the young men make pancakes. they we made syrup with vinilla. bu we related everything to the gospel.

love you all 

Elder Pulsipher
 1 my comp elder salgado making pancakes
2 young men making pancakes
3 me and my boy on the line of brazil and uruguay.(it is in our area)
4 me and my two ¨kids¨ one i am the ¨mother¨ and the other i am the father

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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