Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

we have been working really hard and sunday we were able to go on divisions with the ward and we worked 8 hours with them and as well as 4 lessions with investigators and 5 new investigators with members present. as well as 5 other less active visits.

we have been working really hard and the ward is responding and working hard as well. i love how weilling everyone is to work. to the point when they come to us and tell us there schedual for the week and when they can work. with the new way of working that we have there is no way to have good numbers if you are not working with the members. the members are the key.

we had some sad news the elders quorm president who is a recent convert of  a year and a half went inactive on us. he called the bishop and told him that there family was not going to go to church anymore. and he doent want anything more with it. this man knows so much doctirne and he was searching for more and more and more but lost the spirit and lost his conversion and his testimony. 

but good news is that silvia. facundos mom was thinking, why is my kid so happy. and she asked what should i do in my life. prayed and opened the book of mormon and read where she opened. she opened to alma 42 and read 4-13. and she told us. well this is my awenser. i have to get baptized. thats what god wants for me and how i can get back to haeaven. it was a great experience that she could have with thte book of mormon. and she is growing with it and strengthening he own testimony. she still suffers from dipression. but  the gospel is helping her a ton pull her self out of it. 

this last week week on monday night at 1050 right before we went to bed at 11 president called me and he told me that we are going to switch things up midchange and that you are going to be a district leader and that you will start tomorrow in district meeting. so now i am district leader. that was a fun supprise. but i have like how i have been able to grow and see the mission in a different way now. now it is more focused on helping others as well as yourself. 

yesterday i was able to give a talk on the gathering of isreal and the plan of salvation. and how they are conected. i love how the book of mormon is the hiss. or the wistle to call everyone to come to christ. and it is the only way that it can be acomplished. as we come closer with its teachings we will be able to grow and strengthen our own testimonies and be able to help others as well. in 1 nefi 4 33-36 read it and look for what is happening. zorom is making a promise to join the house of lehi. and he was animated because he could be free. and the house of lehi wanted him to come unto the house. zorom went to the wilderness with them or he kept the commandment. now lets apply this to us. what is this promise or covenet that we meake. BAPTISM. and it all starts there. and we want everyone in the house of isreal. and then in 3 nefi 10 verses 4-8. i love 8 how is says we will cry if our family and friends arent there with us. now lets aply it. if we dont do anything they wont be there. if we dont.. no one will. now lets think. if your loved one or friend is not in the church today and christ comes tomorrow. they wont be here with us. and you will cry because you could of done something... but you didnt. and then i finished it with the song isreal jesus os llama. and how this aplys to us. God has spoken.. he has restored the gospel... he has restored the priesthood.... now people why do you wait. what are you doing, why are you demorando. invite your friends get them here so they can be saved as well. i personally know i will be crying if there is someone missing from my family. or from my ward.

this  next week i will be ion divisons for 2 days and so my comp will start to work in the area and he will grow by having to lead the other missionary.

i love you all and keep working hard 

Elder Pulsipher

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

facundo got the aaronic priesthood.

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