Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb 24, 2015

this last week we had an awesome week we kept growing with out assistence in chuch we are now at 114 which is awesome we had 65 about 3 months ago. we also were able to work with members for 31 hours this last week. those two numbers were the most i have ever had in my whole time in the mission. we are able to continue to work had and have success.

we also had a conference with 5 other zones with elder viƱez.he is a awesome teacher. he teaches very humble and very direct. he is from the 70. but when he was teaching i didnt feel like his was saying things to prove his status or anything. he was teaching to help us and to help us help others.

and then on the same day there was a training for the ward council and he we were able to go to that as well. and he spoke at it. it was in buanas aries. and we watched the brodcast.  he spoke and elder celballos and elder gonzalves spoke it was a great day of learning and it helped me understand how to teach less actives. you have to bring the spirit to thing. and bring it with the light of christ. Alma 5 7-13

something i have been studying alot is the gathering of isreal. the first question i had was what is it. and then the next is how do we do it.
something i came across was in d and c 110:11 the keys of the gathering of isreal are restored. and then a few minutes later the keys to do the work in the temple are restore...... so is there also a gathering of isreal in the spirit world..... ok what is it and how do we do it. Family history work and going to the temple. its something so simple but can help so many people make convenants with God and in turn enter into the house of isreal and inturn be able to help more join the house. are we not stronger then satin with more people in the house of isreal in this world and more angels around us to protect us.

somthing else that i have liked alot is that we have such a great importance of this as members. it is our responsibility to keep growing and helping others grow

this week i had an experience with a less active. they are coming back to the church but they dont want any visits from the missiononaries at all. but they only go once a month. it made me think. hmmmm if i was not baptized. and 2 missiononaries walked up to me and started talking would i listen. would i keep there comittments. would i grow or would i shrug them off and not listen. 

now think of the same thing. are we not still all investigating the church. are we not all still looking for the truth. is the prophot not still looking to find the truth. it is something that made me think alittle bit about it. and i like how it has helped me to think what does someone that is starting to talk to the missionaries feel like. what do they need to feel in order to be converted. and why is it that some dont want to listen

well i love you all and hope you all have a great week

ELder Pulsipher

Flight to Paradise Activity

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