Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

this last week we had interviews with pte. and each companionship was able to teach a question from the gathering of isreal. and our question was how does the gathering of isreal and the doctrine of christ conect. and i taught it with 3 nephi 10. i taught the same thing i gave my talk on a couple weeks before. something that president told me in my interveiw is that everytime he has seen me teach i have killed it. it is a gift that you have. ( he said maybe its somthing you learned from your dad or a talent you grew on the mission. but i think its the mentality that i learned from you dad. if your going to do something you are going to put all you effort and strength to do something the best that you can. all ways do things 100 percent and then perfect them.

somthing else that pte told me in my interveiw is that i am going to leave rivera next week. he doesnt know where but he knows that i am going. i love this area. i was able to get the area down very well and we had alot of success we went from 65 average in church to 100 average in church. we have cleaned the directory and activated 3 families. and a baptism and 2 with a date for baptism for the week after i leave. its going to be sad to go and my bishop doesnt want me to go. but it will be good to know where i am going this next week.

with the disactivation of our pte of the elders quorm we dont have one. and we dont have anyone else ready for it. so last week bishop called me as elders quorm pte. and my comp as fisrts councler.

so this coming week we will be with teenagers from the stake. we are doing a mini mission with them. and we will do it all the way untill sunday night. we will be with them for general conference for all 5 sessions. it will be a great opprotuntiy for them to have a spiritual experience.

we do not know yet who we will be with. we wont find out until tomorrow morning at 630 in the morning when we start our mtc. we will be teaching them all the things that they will need to know to teach.

as well elder staffieri was visiting all the zones before he goes home. he was with president for the last 2 weeks and they did interveiws in all the zones. but i was able to see him and say good bye to him. we got a foto with him and with president. its like the one that we got when i first started the mission a year and some ago.

this last week my comp was incharge of the area. in the 12 week training program the new missionary has to plan and teach all the lessons. it was an experience for him

but this week will be a good week preparing for the general conference and for elder oaks when he comes on april 21. lots of fasting preparing for the both.
Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher

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