Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

this week we had concilio and it was a really good learning experience. we came together and listed out the problems that we had in our zones. wrote them up on the white board and then we split up into groups and we came up with solutions that were clear and easy. then we presented them to the concilio and we were able to take all the new idea and aply them to the zone. we were thinking of our own area and how to aply all of these things that we had learned. all of it had to do with the plan that is going on in south america. 
i have been blessed and was able to learn this in rivera and the ward was already doing it. and then i was able to put it in place in cerro. and now i have the plan internilize and i am able to aply it here as well. it is super interesting and super powerfull. it fits perfectly if done right.
we were thinking about it and it is a perfect summary of the red handbook. and it is a very agresive plan. in the sence if not run to a T, it wont gice the results. 
so this week we have been meeting with all of our ward leaders and as well as the stake leaders and stake president. we are meeting with the stake president wenseday. 

but crazy enough the hardest one to help them understand the plan is the one that has no part with it. the bishop has nothing to do with the plan. it even says on the plan that he is not to be in the meetings and involed. but something i have learned on the mission is that some times people dont understand after the first visit. you just keep going back and have patcience with them untill they get it.

last night we passed by a lady that is sealed in the temple but inactive. ¿como? no se. but she went off on us. and said how she didnt have time for the church see has to help her familt out and she basically told us to leave and she didnt need the sacrament to be saved. it was getting pretty heated. and then i asked her if i could say something. i bore a super simple testimony. super short and then asked if we could leave with a prayer. she said yes and we entered into her patio from the street and then i said the prayer. afterwards she asked us to come back tomorrow night. so we will go back to here tonight with someone in the bishopric. 

just goes to show even though i wanted to tell her the truth that she is condeming herself by saying theses things as a sealed in the temple deciple of christ. it would of just ended worse off. you just got to bring the spirit to them even if they dont want it. but it will over power the wickedness. 

we have seen here alot of cases like that. were i could see the devil working in the people. 

as well i was asked to give a talk in church. and i was asked to give it about 5 minutes before church started. but i was prepared. i had my go to talk. 3 nephi 10 4 6 and 8. and its super true family and future family. i dont know what it is in english. pero yo voy a llorar y gemir por la perdida de mi pariente y amigos. 
because i could of done more to save them and i did not do it.

for concilio we read and studied before hand the book of john and compare the relationship of heavely father and his son jesus christ. long story short the things i learned brought me to the point off repentence. or changing my whole thought proccess on the trinady. and the temple. i need to become more converted to the father. i did not have a true testimony of him. but christ testifies of him. all he does comes from the father. and the father testifies of the son. its just something very interesting.

i hope everthing is going good at home
i love you all

Elder Pulsipher

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