Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

this week i had a very interesting study with alma 36. it is super powerfull. the reason that anyone wants to share the gospel is because they understand the saving power of the attonement. so that made me think is that true. why would someone not want to. well they are scared. (they dont understand the power of the attonemnt to help them) they dont want to( well thats claro) they dont now who to ... so when it comes doewnt to it if someone does not share the gospel it is because they do not understand the attonment. we cant make all the excuses in the world. but to be truley converted to the gospel as alma the younger and then all of the conversions that alma the younger and the sons of moshiah had came to the same out come. they wanted to share the gospel with all there heart might mind and strength for the rest of there life and they did. if you look at alma 36 24 he taught sin cesar so people could come to the joy that he had felt for medeio of the attonment it is something very powerful and strengthening. look at alma 20 1 king lamoni wanted to take the missionaries to his fathrer who was not a member. 

we are working hard with the leders of the stake and aswell as the leaders in our ward to get the plan for south amereica rolling. we are helping alot of the leaders understand how the things could be ran and how they need to be ran ino order to achieve success. 

Con Amor,
Elder Pulsipher


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