Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 7, 2014

this week we had the 4th of july.

i didnt know it was the forth until the day before. that morning we woke up extra early at 530 to play more football. they that day all the americans wore red white and blue ties. we had a practice for the fireside in the morning and some one had a flag so we all sang the national anthem and other america songs. its cool how much american pride we still have. the weather was great untill about 4. we went out to work and then it started to poor and we didnt have any thing ready for the rain. like jackets or umbrelas or books in bags. but luckly my bad is water proof. so we kept walking and as we were going a truck came and splashed all the sewer water that ran on the the street all over us. so we thought we cant go in inones house like this so we went back home changed into dry clothes and went out again. we taught some good lessions that night. then when it was the time for bed there was lightning every 10 seconds so the house was pretty much lit for 5 seconds off for 5 the whole night. with loud thunder. then at 1130 the thunder changed and it started to sound like some one was throwing rocks at the roof. its a sheet metal roof. we go out side to look and we see baseball size hail falling and exploading on the ground. luckly the roof didnt break. but the next mornig we said yeah we didnt get fireworks this year but we got all of that and that was alot more exlosive then fireworks.

this week we practiced for the firside 3 times. my dying whale voice is changed just to a whale voice. haha. i can sing everything down low. but when it comes to stuff up high watch out.

we are singing battle hymn of the republic and josephs first prayer and soy un hijo de dios y 2 more.

this week we had an awesome lesson with hermano taylor. the one that president smith loves to visit. he still has a problem with smoking but we brought back up the blessings of the temple. he hasnt gone yet. but he wants them and he has a strong testamoniy of them already. he knows the things are true he just loses sight some times. 

this week we have interveiws with president smith on thursday.

Love Elder Pulsipher


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