Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

this week president was in artigas all week. it was a good experience to learn from him. i think i will be an experet on teaching the doctirne of christ at the end of my mission. if someone truly understand the doctirne of christ they will never fall away from the church. read it the chapters 2 nephi 31 3 nephi 11,18,27

i had the chance to do a study with him just me and my comp we studied it together. and how to teach it. my comp said it best. his job beforehand was to get people to do things by using his words. big powerfull people. and now he has the spirit as well. and you have no choice but to accept and do the things that he wants. he was teaching the doctirne of christ and had it on voice recorded. it he taught it the night before. at the end when he gave the compromiso. the lady got all fired up and said she didnt have time she was doing good things and helping and serving but she will go in her time.

he sat there then said i would like to know do you want me to teach the doctirne of christ to people how christ taught it or how the carnal man teaches it.   she sat the and after a minute she said crying how christ teaches it.

it is funny to her my comp talk about it. he says he just trapps them in a corner with no where to go the only way out is to repent and change. but he trapps them with the spirit and he is so good at it.

 this week we also had the fireside. it was super good. we even got debbie to go. it was awesome. and then we were talking to her after and then president came up and talked to her. she is very much like jynx from the district.

we had a ton of people there. it reminded me of the old temecula creek ward when we had over 300 going every week. but it was all the way to the back. i dont know how many went but we filled the stake center.

this week is also change week. i am getting changed to oeste 18. it is in montivedeo. i will be with elder sipan form peru.
but firt i am going to go to rievera for a week. the oeste stake is doing a fireside this week so they wont have changes there until sunday. so i am getting a miny change in. 

so i have had to say good bye to my first area i leave tomorrow in the morning and i go on but through brazil. it is like and hour and a half bus ride but apperently it is a supper cool route.

love elder pulsipher

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