Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30

this week we worked really hard.

we have been working with a family alot. it has been really good. she is a menos activo and he is a member and the best part about it is that they are maried, they are about 45-50 and they got married last year. so that is a pluss.

we are working hard o get our ward going again. we had about a month with 90-100 now its 70-80. but we are working hard to fix the attendence.

we have a huge fireside put on by the mission president for the stake. they have put a few on in different zones and it has been a huge success. life chaging.  so we have one in our zone on the 26 of july so that will be good. we are singing a couple of song. i thought battle hymn of the republic was super easy to sing until i started singing it in spanish. it is pretty imposible. but we are going to sing that as well as others.

we had a small meeting with the stake president after our choir practice on suday. he taught us about making the most of our mission. and then he talked about after the mission. he told us so we get home to the airport and our family is waiting there for us. we go home we give them hugs we are super happy. then we go to the stake presidents office and talk with him and get releced. then he asked us who will be waitng out side of that door for us.. everyone answerd with our mom our dad our brothers our sisters. he said yeah but theres one more...... satin. he will be there waiting to corrupt you right after you get home. that was something to think about really strongly. we have him waiting to tempt us. he is there to tempt everyone.

that is grat that karly got baptized. that is amazing that she could make that choice.

i hope that everyone is foing great. and that you are having a great summer back home. and where ever you are in the world. with the cup going in me and my comp are amzed saying we have friends in all of these nations all around the world. not many 18 year olds can say that they have friends in over 20 countries right now.

so i am staring to like fruit more and more. i am ventering to tangarines now. and kiwis. oranges we will see how that goes.

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