Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

we had interviews with the president this week. we had a great capacitazion( capacitation i think) he taught about the doctirne of christ. it starts in 2 nephi 31 10. we have to follow christ and his commandments. it goes on to say that we have to repent and be baptized and endure to the end. that is the only way that we can and will be saved. if we dont do those things then how can we be saved. we cant and we wont. it is a real eye opener. we then had the oprotunity to go out and teach this lession over the past couple of weeks. there is a bunch of different ways to teach it.
another one is that in 3rd nephi when the Lord is implimenting the sacrament he tells them to always take it. the word in spanish is siepre. and what does that really mean does it mean that you take it 24 7. or does it mean this there are 4 chances in a month to take the sacrament. in a year we have 52. so the lord comanded us to take the sacrament all the time. so we are to take it every week 4 a month and 52 a year.

we had a lession with someone that plays football for a team. if you have 4 games a month are you only going to go to 3 or 2 of them. no you will go to all 4.

also in football you have to follow your trainer to get better. to grow and to be a better player. if you dont go and listen to your coach then you will never grow and be strenthened. it is the same with christ. how can we progress and be strengthened if we never come unto christ and follow him. we have to follow him. we have to always take the sacrament. we have to do this so we to can have the vida eternal.

we have been practicing alot for the fireside it is in two weeks. we got a new song now. the britly beams song. we are doing only the elders and we are singing it all in parts. im getting better im not a dieing whale anymore. im just a whale.

its great to hear that everyone is going good and that the lake is doing awesome. and that catherine is having a blast in california.

and that austin is getting really old. happy birthday austin.

we are having a great time in artigas and we having fun still playing soccer in the mornings at 6 everyday.

love Elder Pulsipher

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