Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

hey family this week we worked really hard. we had 2 days with 7 lessons which is greeat because my average walk house to house is 20 minutes.

i have been counting in my ward how many of them are from my area. this week we had 93 and 40 from my area. and the are 3 sets of missionaries. so we are doing well in that sence. we are working hard with the menos activos to get them back to church. that has been a never ending battle. they go one week and then not the next.

this week it only rained once. which was nice.
so i went looking for rain boots and i found some. bt then i asked for my size 47 and they started laughing saying we have 44-45 and then i looked elsewere. even went to brazil. and i havent found anywere that even make anytype of shoe that big.

this week the APs are in artigas as well as president. they will be here all week prepping for the fireside. they are putting alot into this. it has done magic the the zones that they have done it in.

we are hoping it will do the same in ours.

also this past week we have been helping out a family that is an eternal investagator family. we are teaching them and starting to make progress. they know they have to change and are willing to do it.

our american inverstigater, debbie. she took a spill in her house because the floor was wet because the humidity. and she chipped a tooth has to get a crown and then broke her jaw as well. she texted us and said well today i took a spill and tanked it and hit the kitchen table. 

but she is a trooper shell be fine

this week in the book of mormon i was studing visions. like the first vision. and i was studing nephis in 1 nephi  11 and something i thought was interesting was that the lood visits us because he loves the children of man. it is in verse 16. and it aslso means that he visited jose and answered his pray because he loves him.

this is the last week before changes. so next week i will tell you what my change is weather i am staying or not. and how it all goes with this fireside and with president in artigas.

Love Elder Pulsipher.

Hoy Es El DIA

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