Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

this last week was a little crazy but good.

i left artigas and then i went to rivera for the week because the fireside in the oeste stake. my comp for the week was elder fonbates he has 2 changes but he is doing it as a miny mission waitiong on his call. so i was the senior comp for the week and i did really good. i found this guy who was so sad and he didnt know what to do in his life his wife left and was being a prostitute and he had little to no money to support his kids and he was super sad for the last 5 years. then we talk to him and we asked to share something. he said thats fine. ...can we go inside. ....no right here is just fine. so we said a prayer and started to teach. then after about 5 minutes he started to feel something and said yeah come on in. so we started over and he said he felt a change in his life right away. he then told us his story and we tried to help as much as we could in that time. we had to leave to a different lesson. so we asked if we could come back tommorrow and talk some more. the next day we went with the releif socciety president the this lession. and we taught him a lession on faith in christ. he had told us that he beleives in christ but has no faith because God hasnt not answered one of his prayers. the releif socciety pressident shared her testimony on how one of her prayers where answered. then i told luis (the investigater) God has answered one of your prayes. he sent us to help you. he sent us to help you have hapieness and joy that you have been seeking. after that he changed completly he was going along with all the compromissios that we gave him. at the end of that lession he asked for us to come back again the next day and to teach me because i feel something powerfull in your message. so we went back the next morning like he asked and we taught him the restoration and finnished it 2 comittmnents the first was to go to church to take the sacrament. and he glady accepted. the second was to get baptized on the 30th of august and he gladly accepted that one too. it was such a great blessing to meet that man for the 3 days i was in rievera.

 another miricle in reivera was that elder bulloch who was living with me in artigas, had an inavestigater that was progressing and then out of the blue the husband died and she moved to reivera and then the missionaries lost touch with her.( about 6 weeks ago). i just happened to run into her neighbhor that is a menos activo and she said she remebered my face from artigas. latter she told me how mikaia is he neighbor and that she was in artigas i was so happy that i could find her there. it was a miricle that i was sent there to that area to help her out she is comitted to go to church as well as the neighabors. 

i am in montivedo now and i am living with the secrataries so we have a car to ago to church. so that is awesome. baut the city is so much bigger and more people. i am on the 8th floor in my appartment building and there are no cows walking in front of my house. it is alot different.but it will be supper fun. my comp is supper small so it is funny.
basically lala. she is the exact same personality too

it was a hamburger then i ate it all

Love Elder Pulsipher

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