Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

sorry this weeks message is short but we had a teaching appointment today for two hours and it cut our time down.

the teachjing appointment was debby. the american. we had lunch and spoke english. she used to be a body builder. and she has won a ton of awards. she even said she will write us a workout. she is awesome.

also this week it is getting colder and colder. i am wearing sweats and socks and jacket and bundling up in my sleeping bag at night. 

this week we will be going down to a mission conference in montivedeo with both missions. elder robbins will be there to adress us. this will be a ton of missionaries at one stake center. this will be fun. there is one fottball player for byu in the other mission and we are going to take a pic with the byu flag that i have. the three of us.

i heard that graduation was this week. now only one more year until aubrey gets graduated.

i am loving working out here and have learned a ton, i am reading in d and c alot still and it is really black or white. 

well this saturday at 430 i have no idea what i am going to do. uruaguay plays in the cup. no one will talk to us. if anyone lets us in they will have there eyes glued to the screen. everyone is buying tvs to prep for the cup. this will be a fun next couple of weeks. an exciting one. but bad news if urugu

ay gets second place in there pool they play right during the time of the church. and all the shaky members will watch the game insted of going to church. this will be a fun challenge to tackle.

everyone has flags and is going nuts with all the cup stuff.

we have been having alot of fun together me and elder elbakri and have been working really hard.

i received the package last week i forgot to send that last week thank you so much mom for sending it and also thank you alexa for the picture book.

we are having a stake activity with soccer here is my wards team

Elder Pulsipher

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